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Real Housewives Of Orange County, Heather Dubrow's Plastic Surgeon Husband Sued For Malpractice


According to Radaronline new House Skank of the Orange County block  Terry Dubrow’s plastic surgeon husband  has been sued for giving patients Scary Bitch-Face results. (Yeah, it looks like he worked on Mrs. Dubrow’s mug already I wonder when she will sue him.)

Back in March of this year a former patient of Dr. Dubrow, Leah Goodman filed a lawsuit against the plastic surgeon in the amount of $25 thousand dollars for damages caused by his malpractice and negligence.

Prior to this lawsuit  a year earlier, another disastified customer June and her husband Mark Hofherr filed a lawsuit against the plastic surgeon for similar reasons including what looks like having shitty results to the point of the patient not being able to blow her husband.

From Radaronline:

The court docs state: “Defendants failed to disclose material risks of the procedure to the plaintiff and thereby failed to fully describe the procedures that were proposed and/or exceeded the scope of the disclosure and thereby failed to obtain informed consent from the plaintiff for said course of care, treatment and/or surgery. Had plaintiff been adequately informed of all the risks of the procedure, plaintiff would not have consented to said procedure.”

Mark Hofherr says that because of the surgery: “June Hofherr has been unable to perform the duties of a spouse and the work and services usually performed in the care, maintenance and management of the family home, June Hofherr will be unable to perform such work, services and duties in the future.”

Terry Dubrow’s Husband A Porn Addict?


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Real Housewives Of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson Is More Than A Housewife



Work-horse Vicki Gunvalson, who appears to be one of the few House Bitches that works for her money and doesn’t scam or screw people for  it so far, except maybe fondle her employees and giving them nightmares for the rest of their lives, but that’s about all I’ve seen (and I give her credit for the working hard part even though she is a crazy bitch with major issues) is now releasing a book in the Real Housewife fashion the other skanks do.


Check out this book review:

Vicki Gunvalson is the last remaining original cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange Countyand her work ethic has become a major theme on the show. The reality star is one of the few housewives who actually work and it’s defined Gunvalson the most in her life. This book is her own story about how she built her life from the ground up with just her hard work and ambition for something better to fuel her.

Gunvalson was born and raised in Chicago . She learned her work ethic from her father when she began paying for her own car at 16. An early marriage and divorce left her a single mother of two young children at 29 and her work ethic saved her. Gunvalson describes her venture into insurance, without a college degree, and her entrepreneurial efforts to build her own agency, known as Coto Insurance. Gunvalson’s business is featured on the BRAVO show and it’s clear she earns a living beyond reality TV.

Many fans of the show are often taken aback by the intense style that Gunvalson displays. From her woo-hoo to her aching for more material goods, most people assume she is greedy. This book dispels such thoughts as it details Gunvalson’s mentorship of other insurance professionals and her family-friendly approach to client retention. Gunvalson is a hard driver but it’s about family and providing a good life that really motivates her. She is definitely much more than a housewife and, after reading this book, it’s clear how much more she has to offer the public.



Also according to Reality Tea Vicki didn’t even know that her 24 year-old daughter Briana Wolfsmith eloped with her boyfriend to Las Vegas. Since she tweeted Brianna’s engagement Nov 3rd which was two weeks after Briana had gotten married already!

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Wannabe Real Housewives Of Orange County, Busted For Fraud!



Bravo is like a magnet for fraudulent, shady, greedy, crooked, lack of ethics bitches that want the whole pie and leave no one a piece. Check out the article below I found this morning about this heifer that wanted to join the Real House Skanks Of Orange County. Apparently her and her husband punked a lot of people out of money with fraudulent workers comp-claims and now the bitch is left destitute and hopefully homeless and I only say this because it sounds like she fucked up a lot people’s lives with the greedy schemes her and the husband pulled in order to supplement their indulgent lifestyle. Not that there’s anything wrong with being indulgent, but when you’re screwing innocent people out of money so that you can stuff your face until you puke just to be a pig then, you deserve to be destitute, homeless and on your way to prison.




From OC Register:

SANTA ANA – A woman who wanted to become one of the “Real Housewives of Orange County” was placed on 10 years of probation Wednesday for committing a state record more than $30 million in workers’ compensation insurance fraud.

Devon Lynn Kile, 46, of Laguna Hills pleaded guilty in April to more than 70 felony counts, including misrepresenting facts to the State Compensation Insurance Fund and failing to file a return with the intent to evade tax, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Kile has served two years in county jail while her case was pending. If she does not successfully complete her probation, she will be sentenced to 10 years in state prison, Superior Court Judge Erick Larsh ordered.

She was also ordered to pay $1.3 million in restitution to the Employment Development Department and $1.5 million in restitution to the Franchise Tax Board, prosecutors said.

The restitution to the state insurance fund is still to be determined, pending a decision by an appeals court on how much her husband, who is a co-defendant, owes.

Michael Vincent Petronella, 52, was sentenced in 2010 to 10 years in state prison after being found guilty earlier that year of 33 felony counts of insurance fraud and a sentencing enhancement.

He has to pay $500,000 in restitution to the state insurance fund, an order the district attorney is appealing, seeking a higher amount to cover the millions of dollars in loss.

Deputy District Attorney Debbie Jackson said the court took several factors into consideration in sentencing Kile: the time she had already served, her taking full responsibility, and her husband being the one with the contractor’s license.

Kile’s attorney Ken Chinn said he expected her to be released Thursday night.

“I thought it was a fair sentence given her involvement,” he said.

“She’s penniless after all of this,” Chinn added, “She’ll be dependant on the kindness of all her friends while she’s trying to get back on her feet and trying to make the restitution.”

Prosecutors said previously Petronella and Kile used their companies, which included clients such as the Ocean Institute in Dana Point and the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, as personal piggy banks to support their lavish lifestyle.

Among the luxury items seized by investigators at the couple’s home: $500,000 in jewels, including Chopard and Rolex watches and a 10-carat diamond ring valued at $70,000, Gucci, Chanel, Burberry and other luxury-brand handbags and shoes, and two Ferraris, a Bentley and a Range Rover.

Also seized during a raid on their Laguna Hills home was an application for Kile to appear on the “Real Housewives of Orange County” television show.

Petronella and Kile, who owned three businesses in Costa Mesa and Cathedral City, including Petronella Roofing, were accused of underreporting the number of employees and discouraging workers from filing claims.

Starting in 2000, the couple obtained workers’ compensation insurance for their companies through the state insurance fund, the district attorney’s office said.

Between 2000 and 2008, Petronella fraudulently submitted 42 claims for uninsured injured workers and underreported $29 million in payroll to the fund to avoid paying premiums.

Petronella and Kile reported $3 million in payroll to the fund, while having an actual payroll of $32 million, prosecutors said.

As business partners, Kile handled the finances while Petronella managed the roofing jobs.


Sounds like a perfect candidate for this clown palooza.




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New Real Housewife Of OC, Heather Dubrow Married To Porn-Addict Plastic-Surgeon Husband Terry Dubrow MD



Back in October the news broke that  there is a new ho in town replacing Peggy Tanous. Heather Dubrow  will be joining the other Real House Skanks Of OC fame-whores in getting virtually tarred and feathered by the gaggle of viewers and bloggers that can’t wait to get their hands on some fresh meat.
Heather Dubrow an actress, (I never heard of her) used to go by the name Heather Paige Kent, and appeared on the 2000-2002 CBS drama That’s Life.

joker face 2

She looks like Joker Face 2.0 doesn’t she?

From OC Weekly:

Heather Dubrow, who as actress Heather Paige Kent on the 2000-2002 CBS drama That’s Lifegot the new last name by marrying famed Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow, will join The Real Housewives of Orange County cast next season, according to a published report.
As the National Enquirernotes, Ms. Dubrow breaks the blonde lock (and locks) on Bravo’s pioneering Real Housewives franchise program. However, given her hubby’s profession, she’ll fit right in when it comes to having had work done.Reality television runs in the family as the good doctor was among the cutters on Fox’s The Swan and E!’s Bridalplasty.


Perhaps Heather believes she is a has-been actress, and this is the real reason she is agreeing to join the Circus of Reality TV in an effort to cling to the last bit of fame she can squeeze in, by inviting Bravo cameras to follow her around and record her most intense moments of insanity and Bravo will make sure they capture her craziness in all it’s embarrassing glory for us to clown on.

 Heather is married to plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow who is said to be excellent at breast augmentation of your ta-tas if they need some extra padding. And the secret why he is excellent at porno-sizing those boobies is hours and hours of research.



Yep, rumor has it that supposedly he admitted to being addicted to porn.

BravoMole @BravoMole1 BravoMole
@RHdailydose The other night taping #TRHOCthe new house husband Terry Dubrow admitted he is a PORN addict. Yuck, pervert plastic surgeon!


So if you need new boobs go see this doctor bitches because unlike Paul Nassif this one is doing his homework just to make sure your ta-tas don’t pop while bouncing up and down. I wonder if Heather helps her husband in his research too or she is just against it?

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Real Housewives Of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson Daughter Briana Wolfsmith Eloped To Vegas


As stated on a previous post, Vicki Gunvalson’s 24-year old daughter Briana Wolfsmith got hitched. I guess the person who tweeted the gossip who goes by the name of Bravo Mole had some actual info and more details emerged since my last post on this subject. Reality Tea posted that Briana and her new husband military man Ryan Culberson ran off to Las Vegas (probably to piss Vicki off) and got married. Ryan is a native of North Carolina and just recently divorced in 2010. Briana also changed her name on Facebook to Briana Culberson (Wolfsmith) No other details of how long they been banging or if Vicki likes the new man in her daughter’s life have emerged as of yet.

ryan culberson

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Real Housewives Of Orange County, Alexis Bellino Is Pregnant And Vicki's Daughter Gets Married?

man hands bellino 
 Someone that calls themselves BravoMole posted this pic of Alexis Bellino with a fat protruding belly. Is she really preggers or just having a fat day? The same person also posted that Vicki’s daughter Brianna got married.
BravoMole @BravoMole1BravoMole
This just in, Alexis Bellino is pregnant!
Below is a disturbing picture of AlexAss’ baby bump:

BravoMole @BravoMole1BravoMole

This just in: Vicki’s daughter on #TRHOC got married!

3 Nov via TweetCaster for iOS 

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Real Housewives Of Orange County, Alexis Bellino Moving Into New $5 Million Dollar Beach Home Bought In Cash (Wink, Wink!)



Supposedly Alexis Bellino and her husband Jimbo  have purchased a new home priced at the tune of $5 million dollars. The Bellino’s are bragging that their home is 7,146 square feet has 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, eight car garage, rooftop patio, ocean views and beach access. I wonder how long they are going to last at this house? Because ever since the show started the have gone through like 3 houses or so?  The  very reliable and funny Real Estalker blog did their dirt digging and found that there is no record of these con artist owning that home. NO RECORDS! Sooo what? Are they squatting in it until the real owners find out and kick them out?

FromThe Real Estalker:

Ultimately, we freely admit, we don’t know for sure whether she and the mister bought or leased the big house in Dana Point. What we do know is that property records available online–which may or may not be fully updated–show the property in question, located in the ritzy, guard-gated Ritz Cove enclave, last changed hands in April of 2009 for $4,650,000 when it was snatched up by an obviously very successful Orange County-based gynecologist.

At the last reunion of Real Housewives of Orange County, Andy asked Alexis if her last house was lost to foreclosure. Alexis didn’t know how to answer that. However, later on Alexis stated on her Bravo blog that her previous home wasn’t lost to foreclosure, but sold in a short sale and blamed the upside down real state market for having to let go of the house.
Alexis also got all hissy-pissy that everyone was talking about her money problems  (since she is such a private person that keeps her doors closed, mouth shut and but-thole clean!) and said it was nunya-beeswax  who her husband has to scam to get that money,  she went as far as threatening to sue those who dared to bring up her and her King’s money woes. Then, she stated that her and the Chimpo where doing just fine and buying their next home cash because when she is bragging and rubbing it in your face then it becomes your business too, but when she is broke and homeless is none of your business. See how that works?
Now, this bitch and her  Chimp-pimp are implying that they bought this mini-McMansion cash because when Alexis was asked during an interview with Ocean Home Magazine, what drew her to buying a beach home she started talking about the visual aspects of the house and refused to get into details about the price or if the home was really theirs or not. I wonder if Jesus told them what scam to use to get them this fancy ass shack?
An insider told Real Estalker the real deal with this bitches new house and says that her and Jimbo didn’t purchase the home, but instead leased it, perhaps to front while the cameras are rolling.
Pictures of Alexis Bellino new Faux-Fancy Beach Shack.




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Real Housewives Of Orange County Tamra Barney Dead!


A report on Media Fetcher earlier today stated that Tamra Barney died today November 11 in a Jet-Ski accident!

Check this shit out:

Actress Tamara Barney died while on a personal vacation in Turks and Caicos early this morning from injuries sustained in a Jet-Ski accident – November 11, 2011
Preliminary reports from Turks and Caicos Police officials indicate that the actress struck a concrete boat slip in a marina on Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Tamara Barney was the only passenger on the personal watercraft at the time of the incident. Specific details are not yet available.


The accident occurred at approximately 8:45 a.m. (UTC/GMT -4 hours).

 And apparently Tamra has superhuman vampire powers or some shit because the bitch, CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD!! And came out barking that she is alive and kicking and that the story about her death is bullshit!



Check this shit out:

Barney took to Facebook to clarify that reports of her death are greatly exaggerated. “For those of you that have been asking….. I am very much alive!” she wrote on the popular social media site.

She later wrote, “I guess I better call my mom before she starts freaking out…. she is one of those that believes everything she reads… lol.”

In very small print at the bottom of the page, the site says, “This story is 100% FAKE! This is an entertainment website, and this is a totally fake article based on zero truth and is a complete work of fiction for entertainment purposes!”

When asked about the false report, Barney said in a text message: “At first I didn’t think much of the report.  I got a call from my producer saying ‘OMG I’m so glad you’re alive’ and I had no idea why he was saying that. As the day went on I was overwhelmed with phone calls, text messages and  e-mails. It’s not an easy thing to tell your young children “Mommy didn’t die” before they heard it from a friend or stranger. It was very upsetting to friends and family that read it before I had a chance to call them. It’s a perfect example of how the Internet needs stronger laws to protect people. The site that did this to me and many others should be shut down. My attorney is looking into it.”

 The funny thing is notice how the post on the OC Register says the false report was made on November 9th? Now notice how on todays post it says the accident occurred today November 11th? WTF?? Sooo are they posting this shit because these fuckers are having some weird ass death wish on this bitch hoping it comes true? Not cool guys.


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Real Housewives Of Orange County Mud Wrestle Each Other


The Real Original  House Skanks of Orange County recently did a little mud wrestling at the “Del Mar Mud Run”  charity event for the Challenged Athletes Foundation’s  at Del Mar Fairgrounds in California (October 16, 2011). The  In attendance  were Gretchen Rossi and her pet Slade Slimey, also Tamra Barney and boytoy Eddie Judge new commer Heather Dubrow and her hubby where also there.


Missing in action was Alexis Bellino and recently vacuumed botoxed and newly faced ironed, recently divorced Vicki Gunvalson. Also a little bird told me Gretchen’s ongoing never-ending Jay Photoglou trial has been set for 2/6/2012.


Enjoy these pictures:




Somehow doing this seems familiar. I can’t remember where I did this before?



If I shit myself can they tell? I really have to go.



Like a cougar, rode hard and put away wet for the 331 thousand tiiiime!!!



Anybody has a salt block or a saddle?



Ooohh yeaah the hottest grandma in Orange County.



Boobie inspector.






RUN BITCH! I don’t know if that’s my thong riding up my ass or the turd I sharted earlier.




Gretchen sprained her ankle and was unable to run the finish line.


Here she is pouting like a monkey.



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Peggy Tanous Out Of Real Housewives Of Orange County She Explains Why


Real Housewives of OC Peggy Tanous decided she had enough of this shit and has quit the Real Housewives Circus Side Show Comedy Hour because according to her, just like Jacqueline Laurita her ass is tired of being forced by Bravo to jump into confrontations with the other bitches while the cameras capture all the ridiculousness and the audience points and laughs.

WOW! IF and this is a big IF this is true then she is fucking slooow and it sure took her as well as Jacqueline Laurita a whiiile to figure out that Bravo was setting them up for multiple bitch-slapping show-downs and how worthless it all is. Either that or, she was okay getting set up to look like a fool and now hubby is going broke and she is afraid of the exposure plus with all the recent Russell Armstrong suicide she just doesn’t want to risk it, oooorrrr Bravo just fired her ass and she just doesn’t want to admit it.

Earlier Alexis Bellino (whose ass has been talking about ‘booty’ and been on the Playboy Radio talking about sex in the name of Jesus) expressed a desire to quit the circus also, but for because Jimbo told her NOT to quit because he wants to pimp her out some more some reason she didn’t quit after all.

From US Magazine:

After months of negotiation and soul searching, I have declined [Bravo’s] offer to return to the show,” Tanous, 41, wrote. “I just felt in my heart that…the time it would take me away from my family was just not a healthy path for me.”

Joining the series as part of season six at the urging of pal Alexis Bellino, Tanous expressed a desire to escape the “negative energy of certain cast members” and no longer wanted to “[be] forced to have ‘dramatic’ confrontations.”

“I loved being a part of the Bravo family and do look forward to any new endeavors this may bring,” she continued. “I already have several opportunities to host upcoming TV shows that will empower woman, as well as my husband and I are about to launch our own wine.

“Who knows, perhaps if many of you want to continue to follow me and my family’s lives, then a new show can be created! One of ‘real’ family fun, natural life drama, holistic living, life lessons and experiences.”

I think the real reason is that Bravo fired her ass and she is just trying to sell us that bullshit story that she is doing soul searching and blah, blah, blah. Maybe she also failed the psychological test.

Thanks Nikki for the heads up! 🙂

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