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Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap:Tamra Breaks Up With Fernanda, Wine Hopping Bitches With Foot To The Mouth Syndrome And The Douche With The Most Lamborghinis Wins Award For Most Douchey


Even though Lynne Curtains is living in the van down by the river and she is no longer on the show, she still needed to ask Tamra what’s up with her and Fernanda. Plus this may get her some camera time so she can hop back on the show and make some much needed dinero.

Lynne informs Tamra that Fernando has bragged about the make out session Tamra and Fernanda shared on Tamra’s birthday, while Tamra was still married to Simon. Lynne also tells Tamra that Fernando’s crazy lesbian ass was not only bragging to Lynne, but also to the community about the Tamra-Fernanda love affair.

When Lynne asks if Tamra is gay, Tamra straight up tells her NO I’M JUST A WHORE! Then she starts singing ‘Blame it on al al al al alcohol, blame it on al al al alcohol’.  But at least no “nipple tweaking.” occurred between her and Fernando, so that means Tamra is straight. But just a whore.

Tamra must now break up with Fernando. Tamra also mentions that ever since her and Eddie became an item Fernando acts weird then she  brags that Eddie told her that the reason why Fernando acts like a whinny bitch since her and Eddie got together is because Fernando is ‘in love’ with Tamra. But that statement may be more Tamra bragging about herself.

Peggy pounds on Alexis door and demands to speak and confront Alexis on the whole thing with Jimbo not being present at her dinner party and disrespecting her and blah, blah, bla. Methinks she wants to get the dirt on this bitches marital problems. AlexAssLips starts twitching because every-time Peggy is around, the bitch gets the jealousy crazies and starts getting argumentative and all competitive with Peggy.

Peggy asks Alexis why Jim wasn’t at the party, and she says that she doesn’t believe that whopper about  ‘work’  keeping Jimbo from attending the party. Specially since that fool,  ‘never had a real job’ even when he and Peggy used to knock fugly boots together. Then, AlexAssLips can’t take the heat anymore and blabs out that Jimbo hates the other bitches and that’s why he didn’t want to attend this bullshit party.

Peggy bitches at AlexAss about how Jimbo is an asshole to Micah, and AlexAssLips orders Peggy to shut the fuck up because Jimbo has owned four Lamborghini’s.  And they all got repoed. But still even though all of Jimballs Lambs got repoed; AlexAssLip’s husband still has to be the Alpha male. And Jimbo has the pathetic and desperate Alpha male complex down to an art-form so is very easy for him to flip out on Micah like that.

After AlexAssLips brags, about how perfect and Christian her perfect family is, she starts whining about how she doesn’t have time for a social life. Why, with all her children and nannies, and the fashion designing skeam plus the 18 hours a day of workout plus ad the five hours of puke sessions that go along with that, the poor thing has no time for a social life.

Peggy sits there with her mouth wide open because she wants to punch that ho’ in the mouth. How come these people give off a weird vibe every time they are around each other? And it goes beyond the vibe of the two bitches being jealous of each other. Specially AlexAssLips who seems to show more jelaousy towards that bony ass corpse they propped from the coffin named Peggy.The vibe is definitely icky. Did they swapped partners? EEEWWWWW!!!!

Vicki still hates Donn and now she is more pissed at him for embarrassing her at the dinner party calling her a ‘bitch’ and acting a fool. But she’s always hated him. Donn tries to talk to her and she just ignores him while she fumbles around in the kitchen. Donn gets all sad and takes off to his new job washing cars on the corner of the street for five bucks a car. Ten for wax. Fifty for happy ending. Yep, he gives the best blowjobs and car-wash on that corner!

the-real-housewives-of-orange-county-season-6-gallery-ep_003 (2)

Next, the Drunken Beinge Winery Hoping Adventures, starting Vicki and her ignorant racist undertone comments made to the Puerto Rican Winery worker who makes the mistake of innocently asks the bitches if they are ready to ‘go to the dark side’. Meaning dark wine. However, Vicki has to turn it into a race comment telling Tamra that since the wine attendant is ‘brown’ Tamra is going to jump him because Tamra likes the ‘dark’ meat. The wine guy is clearly pissed and wants to punch Vicki in the face because the bitch is totally insensitive and oblivious or just doesn’t care about how offensive and racist this comment came out. Everyone else is embarrassed for her. But, stupid Vicki just keeps going making the room cringe. And nobody calls her out on her ignorance.

Peggy is also invited to tag along in this winery hoping expedition and she decides to stick her tongue so far up Vicki’s ass with her constant, pestering interrogations of Vicki’s crumbling marriage that she ends up pissing Vicki off. Vicki cries.


Slimey’s mom shows up at his house and demands of Gretchen food and wine chop, chop. And she also demands that Gretchen makes more money to support her loser son. Gretchen downs some wine and now that she is nice and drunk she bails out to avoid her possible future mother-in-law and drives off in her car to the market to get more wine. While drunk.

Slimey’s own mama tells him that everyone in America thinks  that he’s a loser and Gretchen’s little house bitch. Then, she tells him that it’s no wonder Gretchen’s parent’s don’t like his ass because he needs to get a job.  She also mocks him by asking him if he thinks Gretchen’s dad will hand  his stupid ass the family business. Finally, she hands him an application for McDonalds that she got from Eddie.

Next Tamra meets Fernanda for lunch and to break up with her. Tamra tells Fernando that the bathroom kiss meant nothing. Since kissing a girl for fun doesn’t count when you’re drunk. Then, Tamra tells Fernando to quit being in love with her and Fernando says Tamra was just a bootie-call anyways and not a good one after all.

AlexAssLips is doing a photo-shoot to peddle her awful dresses. She first has lunch with her Pee Wee Herman gay assistant Dylan and tries to talk him out of going to his college class that night because she believes in her tiny little pea brain that she is a better education since he is internshipping with her broke ass.

But, the smart assistant decides he is going to class because that bitch is broke anyways and he knows that she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing and that her so called fashion line will go down the toilet to join Sheree Whitfield’s line. After the wise assistant bails out, AlexAssLips is left to do her photo-shoot with Towel. Damn that bitch does look just like Octomom. Is that her?

AlexAssLips must be really holding  a lot of bottled up anger because of all the shit she has to put up with, from Jimballs. Since she constantly acts like an angry, jealous, controlling, competitive, shrew every-time she’s around certain females and Towel just like Peggy, seems to be one of them. AlexAssLips must be jealous of that other bitche’s huge-ass lips, that’s what it must be.

During the photo-shoot-out Alexis tries to control and direct the poses that Towel is doing when she doesn’t even know how to pose herself! I swear that bitch would not make it as a model they would fire her stupid ass she kept making these stupid faces like she was a blow up doll while  she was squatting taking a shit. She just looked stupid.

I hate to say it, but even stupid ass Kelly Bensimoron can model and do poses.  And she’s a moron! But stupid AlexsAssLips cannot even do that!  How sad, maybe she really needs her Master of Puppets Jimbo there or else she may really forget to how to breathe!


AlexAssLips failed attempts to control the photo shoot are foiled by her controlling husband Jimbo, who turns the photo-shoot into a cover for a porn flick. He even sets off the hotel smoke alarms by catching the carpet on fire with his cigars. (It wasn’t the smoke machine that set it off.)

AlexAssLips is not liking that shit, but she says she has to ‘listen’ and obey her fugly husband or else he may give her a black-eye to go with her fat lip. So AlexAssLips just bends over and takes it.

But that’s okay she will take it out later on Towel or Peggy or whoever the unfortunate bitch that happens to be in front of her is  at that time.

Meanwhile Gretchen has dragged house-bitch and Slave Slimey I mean Slade,  to Texas to peddle her fugly bitch bags. Gretchen is having fun detaching Slimey’s balls and playing catch with them and passing them around  all the other people in the studio where she is filming an infomercial. Gretchen calls Slimey her ‘roadie’ and her house-bitch etc. Then, she demands he curls her hair like he did that morning.

Slimey is still in denial and insist that Jo De La Rosa was the one who emasculated and bossed him around, not Gretchen. Yeaahh sure whatever you say buddy!

Peggy gets wind that AlexAssLips had a photo-shoot and so she decides to clean up her freshly embalmed corpse and does a photo-shoot in her good whore-lingerie. Who needs to pay their house note when you can have pictures of a dried up mummified skank that’s been up for 6 weeks straight tweeking on meth and it shows.

Peggy brags that most girls may have the looks but can’t pose for shit. She must have being directing that dig at Alexis. And Peggy is right, she should know, wasn’t she like a famous model that traveled the world and was in various music videos.

Wait what? She wasn’t? Yeah well even though she was just some unknown, wannabe model who was never told that some guy taking pictures of you in your underwear in a Easy 8 motel room so he can look at them later doesn’t count as modeling;  at least Peggy knows how to pose and in that gorgeous lingere and thinning, stringy, hair Peggy looks like an old 57 year old  crack-addict, hooker, with botched-surgery tits and no ass that just took her last hit of crack and the funeral parlor just got done embalming her and they’re getting ready to bury her all decked out  in her best lingerie.


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Evil Eye Blonde VS Evil Eye Blonde/ The Original Back Stabbing Bleached Blondes Are Back Still Acting Stupid

real housewives of oc 6 


We get to see a loong clip of all the bullshit that went on last season. Then we move on to these bitches snooty introductions. You know, the ones where they try to make everyone watching feel inferior next to them and like our lives do not live up to theirs because we are not fabulous and driving Bentleys while defaulting on our mortgage like our newest house skank this season, who is also a professional fronter Peggy Tanous . I guess since she rather have a Bentley than pay her house note her flat ass is gonna be living in her Bentley while parked down the river with all her kids.

Tamra brags that she is now a ‘Free Bitch’, and can fuck whoever she wants. Including her new boyfriend Eddie Judge whom she’ll be doing on various bath tub porn flicks on line. Because I know there is a raunchy video of those 2 dipshits coming up in the near future. The Tarot told me!

Vicki keeps bragging about how she makes her own money , ok what else is old? Gretchen spews some bullshit about not apologizing for being an idiot. And Alexis mumbles some gibberish while pretending to speak in tongues, about how her husband is the second coming of Jesus and she is his slave, or some other nonsense like that.

tamra calls the bitches

‘ Tamra the Free Bitch’ is inviting everyone to some shopping party, including Gretchen whom she still hates. Except now she blames her hatred of Gretchen on Simon’s mind  controlling powers of evil. And since she left Simon her ass is now free to make amends with Gretchen . Or so she says. But Gretchen is all , whatever bitch I know you still hating on me and quit prank calling me!

Tamra is still friends with Holier Than Thou Sanctimonious Mother Of Virtue Alexis Bellino. Who sheds her words of wisdom about how in ‘Biblical terms divorce is not something that people are supposed to do, but my friendship with Tamra absolutely survived”.

Soooo,what she is saying is that Tamra is lucky to even still be friends with her skank ass, because she shuns people in her circle who get divorces from their spouses ???!!! Because other people are not lucky to have a wholesome marriage like her and Reverend Jimblob The Hideous, who is allowed to lay hands on her to keep her ass in check???!!! Is this what this transparent, ducked lipped ignoramus just said? It’s her first camera interview and she is already talking sanctimonious preachy hipocrytical shit. What’s gonna happen when  she has to  dump Jimbo’s ass because he’s broke? Will she be back at the Marriott turning tricks?

Vicki doesn’t want to play with Tamra because Tamra is a backstabber as proven last season.

Tamra brags about how her new hot Spanish speaking boyfriend, is letting her trash his house to throw a party. And Gretchen is afraid Tamra is just inviting her to get her ‘Naked Wasted’ like that one time. Tamra says that if everyone just gets liquored up they will just all be in love again and a big orgy will happen.

Gretchen is peddling her pleader handbags, because crystal meth is some expensive shit. Plus what about Slade . He needs his meth too . Vicki says that the Gretchen shitty hand bags for meth collection, are  gonna end up at the 99 cent store for 50 cents a pop.

Gretchen says she is desperately pimping those bags to whoever will buy them, so that she can support Slade Slimey. Whose sexual services  are not  free, and whose whole income comes from Gretchen since he has no job and is on welfare .Plus Gretchen has to prove a point to everyone, that she is not a golddigger since she is getting banged by a  Real Broke Ass of the Orange Cunties in the Orange Cuntie .

But the truth is, this bitch is still a golddigger. Just not a very good one. And Slimey is the guy she wanted to really bone and allow to drain her out of the last penny of grandpa Beitzel’s money, after he croaked of course. Shit I bet  Slimey was probably already lurking around, sniffing around till Granpapi Money died so that he can get at that money. Specially since that whole music career with Jo De La Rosa wasn’t working out.

goldigger gretchen rossi

As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t even put it past Gretchen  and Slimey to have already been bumping  fuglies  before Granpapi Money died . And while Wretched Gretchen was still dating her old flame Jay Photoglou. Did this gutter skank get a boob job? Because her boobs look plastic and larger!

vicki and donn carrie furniture

Next is our beloved Vicki the Evil Empress who eats popcorn out of a skull. Her husband or should I say her then-husband and now ex-husband Don, is seeking some appreciation for cleaning Vicki’s filthy car and her response to that is: Yeah so what! ‘that’s your duty!’ whinny bitch now help me put the living room back together so it can look nice when my boyfriend comes over . Don yells at her ‘ WHY ARE YOU MOVING THIS SHIT IN YOUR HIGH HEELS YOU DUMB BITCH!” I would be asking her the same shit too.

Right after he yells  at her for being stupid, Vicki  is on the camera interview bragging about how her and Don renewed their wedding vows and how they respect each other and are the happiest, and she allows him to hold his dick and sometimes even take it out when she lets  him  go out with his friends. Meantime more scenes are playing that totally contradict what this bitch is saying on her camera interview, while the ‘You’re a dumb ass music’ is playing in the background as we watch her and Don bickering until it turns into a big ole’ fight and it is OBVIOUS that these 2 hate each other . Plus we all know this all ends up in divorce court. So let’s move right along.

tatoo removed

Then we see a short scene of Tamra getting all of her Simone tattooes removed. She really spends a lot of time and money going back and forth getting tattooes put on and then taken off . This bitch won’t learn. How much you wanna bet, if she keeps dating Eduardo Navarro this is going to be the next tat she gets :





Next AlexAss is burning toast because the dumb ass doesn’t have anybody helping her anymore and doing all the behind the scenes junk that she doesn’t want to be bothered with. Like cooking, cleaning, being a full time mom. You know the real housewife tedious shit that can cut into her ‘me’ time which includes her 8 hours at the gym and 4 hours getting botoxed injections, so she can stay beautiful for her master Jimbo; since rumor has it that the gravy train is running dry these days for her  husband’s  con artist skeam  bizness . Which means they’re broke asses just fronting the shit and  as the result of all this broke-assery these pozers  had to let go of the 4 nannies and keep only one part time one. Or so she says.


burnt toast


Alexis is overwhelmed because since she farted out those kids she never had to deal with them and now for the first time she is left alone to deal with them and since she never really hang out with them before she doesn’t even understand what the fuck they’re saying because they all speak Spanish because that’s all they heard from Maria, Rosa, Socorro and all the series of Spanish speaking nannies that being dealing with those kids since they were born. So naturally  she doesn’t know how to deal with those strange children, who are barking and biting at each other.

alexis and her kids

Jim Jr. looks just like Jimbo! Poor kid! The only thing I can hope for is that , when those children hit puberty that they rebel against their parents, to not be like them at all. And listen to whatever form Heavy Metal of their time morphs into. Or whatever type of music that would make a Bible-thumping, hypocrite, shit themselves from the anger of being offended. That is what I hope for. They’re young I have hope for them.

Right after that incident AlexAss starts getting all preachy again and bringing up the Bible and Jesus and how every morning she wakes up doing what Jesus would do. Really? So I guess Jesus would be on a reality show with big ass, fake, scary, porno size, tits and getting hammered in the middle of the day. While talking smack about other skanks and being all confrontational and starting all kinds of drama and fights with those same skanks for entertainment . Alexis  needs to shut up and stop insulting Jesus already!

And her duck lipped pie hole doesn’t stop there. She goes on to preach some more about how the Bible says that its the man’s job to be the head of the household and the woman’s job is second. Where in the Bible did she see this exactly? I know she must of asked Jimbo the same question when he sold her that lie. And his answer to that, was that it says it, in the back of the Bible somewhere and the bitch just took his word for it and didn’t bother or wanted to bother looking it up. Since her master Jimbo told her LOOK IT UP AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS BITCH! , as he raised his fist above her freshly injected botoxed face.

GRETCHEN VS TAMRA ROUND 2. This time Gretchen says she is gonna be a bitch!

 Gretchen gets ready for Tamra’s shopping party and she takes this bitch Shawna with her in case ‘the other bitches get crazy’ so that Shawna can scrap with their ass . Gretchen is all excited snorting line after line of meth and getting ready because she is looking forward to   go and start throwing punches the minute she sees Tamra. Plus Shawna is gonna watch her back . Vicki doesn’t want to attend Tamra’s party because she is afraid her staff will be slacking off while she is gone and she wants to stay and micromanage. Plus none of her employees can hold and crack the wip as well as Vicki can.

shirtless bar tender 

Tamra is also getting ready for the shopping party and has some shirtless dude serving drinks .

tamra flirts with fernanda

Fernando shows up looking like a hot tranni mess and Tamra and Fernando proceed to flirt. Shirtless bartender misses his boyfriend, but says he is willing to  jump in the middle of the Tamra and Fernando sandwich. Fernando is cool with it. See I knew she was bi!


fernanda rocha bi

We’re still having that 3 some later on with him, when everyone leaves right?


Tamra says she is not trying to get Gretchen Naked Wasted ever again and will  be the nice person this time.

fernanda rocha epi 1

Little did Tamra know that Gretchen was getting her own self Naked Wasted since the bitch showed up drunk off her ass and ready to scrap with Tamra. Plus that PCP cigarette she smoked earlier only added to her hostility. Gretchen picks up a hat with an evil eye repellent, from the sales rack and starts drunken slurring something about : THEESS HERRE HAT WILL KEEP THE EVILE BEOTCHES AWAY FROM STEALING MY SOUL, YE DIRTY BEOTCH !!

vicki gunvalson

Vicki tells Tamra to grow some balls and kick the bitch out but Tamra backs down. The bartender keeps missing his boyfriend while Gretchen keeps getting naked and molesting the bartender and slurring more stupid shit, COME HERRE YE BEG BOY MAMA WANTS SOME SUGAR YE’ BOYTOY!! Then she pukes on him. The bartender allows it since that’s what they payed him for.

alexas and gretchen argue

 AlexAss tries to jump in and tell Gretchen to calm her ass down and she also makes the mistake to call her a ‘princess’  because she says that the lazy bitch sleeps all day after her drunken meth induced hang overs wear out. Gretchen starts yelling at AlexAss she gets all crazy and starts swinging at air.

fernanda dancing to no avail

 While she is going all ape shit at AlexAss for calling her a princess did ya all feel sorry for Fernando trying to diffuse the situation by dancing and getting ignored like an insignificant ass clown. WTFUCK!? Did this bitch really think that shit was gonna work?

 fernanda dances to no avail 2

 These bitches are drunk and their straight! That means they’re competitive and they hate each other, so they’re ready to throw down not go down like Fernando is trying to do.  

fernanda walks

Eventually poor good hearted Fernando has to walk away and hide under the table.

tamra evil eye

Tamra puts on the evil eye hat to ward off Gretchen’s evilness and walks out to the patio area where Gretchen’s loud nails on the chalk board voice has taken over in all of her obnoxious glory. While in the patio Tamra decides she needs to confront drunken ass Naked Wasted, Gretchen, and asks her if she was calling her an evil bitch. Gretchen admits it and says FUCK YEA I WAS BITCH! 

shawna and tamra

 Gretchen’s  paid clone Shawna also turns on her and wants to stay and party and shoot the shit with Tamra .

gretchen limo alexis

Look at Shawna she looks like she is scared of those bitches and ready to open the door and roll while the car still moving.

Gretchen notices Shawna is missing and yells BITCH GET YERR ARRSEE IN THE LIMO WE’RE WAITING FOR YOU!!. And Shawna afraid to lose her job jumps in the limo.

gretchen rossi more horsey than usual

 Why does Gretchen’s face look more weird and manly this season? Her eyebrows look like they touch her hairline, and her cheekbones look swollen like it is starting very slowly to morph into a Gretchen version of  Elsa! Except Gretchen is the evil witch.

While in the limo going home drunken Gretchen drags on the argument about Alexis calling her a ‘princess’. She is kicking and screaming and bitch slapping AlexAss for calling her a ‘princess’ and also her paid bitch Shawna for talking to Tamra asking her ‘what was she talking to you about?’. Gretchen sounds all  interrogatory and you can tell she is  all paranoid that Shawna is going to get stolen from her by Tamra and eventually turn on her.

 I like how during the first season when Gretchen joined the cast, Bravo tried to sell her to us as a sweetheart and a Mother Teresa for taking care of her ailing fiance that she was very much in love with. Plus I bet they were editing a lot of dark shit out about this bitch like the whole Jay Photoglou affair fiasco and probably some other shit . Gretchen was all playing that shit up for the cameras going along with Bravo. But a lot of street smart people like myself could see through her faux good girl act. This last season Gretchen must of pissed off Andy Cohen or some shit, because you could even tell her and Slade Slimey were getting in his last nerves during the Watch What Happens episode that aired after this housewives episode. So it looks like this time Bravo is letting the editing people put more and more exciting segments of the real Gretchen Rossi where they show her true asshole,  obnoxious, moves, shine for the world to see with no holds barred .


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Lynne Curtins Daughter's Are Girls Gone Wild/Raves, Booze, Sex/The Real Housewives Of Orange County


My reader Helene send me a link to  a confusing drunken video on The Dirty. Where wild  pictures of ex- Real Housewife of Orange County, Lynne Curtin’s daughters where circulating  a few months past . Maybe they’re trying to get their own show ala Jersey Shore with extra sluttiness. 

So much for the youth counselor last season. Now it seems Raquel’s little sister Alexa is following her sister’s footsteps and are trying to out-slut each other. Supposedly these girls go to raves,dress like porn whores and drink like Irish sailors on payday. Plus, who knows how much synthetic drugs are handed out at those raves they party at.


raquel and alexa curtin pg version


I also found some very interesting comments from people that claim to know Raquel and about an abortion she supposedly had last year. I vaguely remember there was a rumor that Raquel was preggers and her boyfriend was the baby daddy. But I thought that was a rumor that came from an unreliable source. But who knows maybe there’s some truth to it.


raquel curtin pg version

Here is an interesting comment from someone on The Dirty:

tom says:

ewww saggy B cups!! LMAO nasty broke sl*t!!! hopefully she never has kids! I heard she had an abortion last year!!! My friend worked at a clinic she went to for the abortion. RAVES ARE LAME!!! GHETTOOOO get some class

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The Beverly Hillbilly Housewives Say They Are Not Worried About The Bravo Divorce Curse!


Yes these bitches think that they gonna go swim in the diarrhea infested sewer waters of the Real House Skanks of the  Bravo shit rivers and are gonna come out smelling like flowers .

I don’t know how Bravo does it but I guess the Bravo recruiters must have invented a radar that can spot delusional bitches that reek of desperation and fame-whoredom from a 600 feet radius.

One of these bitches Lisa VanderPump or more like VaderDump says that they can end up getting divorced to their rich husbands whether the cameras are there or not. I guess she is right with that shit except that now she is gonna have an army of asshole bloggers (HELLO!) clowning on their stupid ass, while the readers magnify their misery and point and laugh.

This other ho-bag Adrienne Maloof . Says her husband approached her to do the show. I guess he must be wanting to divorce her ass and trade her punk ass in, for a 20 year old that doesn’t look like someone surgically inserted a wooden shoe strecher in her chankla- mouth .

 I was looking at these ho’s real close and they all look pretty scary with those L.A. faces like my reader SoCal Mama observed. I noticed that too !

Of all the bitches of all the housewife franchises these bitches from Beverly Hills got to be the most scariest looking skanks that I have ever seen. These bitches have so much botox/embalming fluid, donkey piss, rat poisoning and battery acid or whatever the fuck those plastic surgeons are injecting in their scary faces and lips, and charging their sucker, dumb asses 10 grand per injection, while they lie to them and conviced them that they look good. That they make Lynne Curtin,  AlexAss Bellino and even  Joker Face look like  natural beauties . 

UNBE-FUCKEN-LIEVABLE!  I can’t believe I just gave  the Joker a complement . Armageddon must be on it’s way.  God help us all!

Here is the original article by Radaronline:

We’ll soon get a glimpse of the SoCal glitz and glamor in the new The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but as we’ve seen in past franchises, as the drama unfolds marriages can fall apart too.

But that’s all a part of reality, the leading ladies of Beverly Hills told exclusively.


“It’s reality though isn’t it?” said restaurateur and entrepreneur Lisa VanderPump who owns Villa Blanca and Sur. “That would have possibly happened if the cameras were there or not. I mean, there are so many women in this franchise now that of course some are going to get divorced or get sick, that’s just what’s going to happen naturally.”

 Former OC cast member Jeana Keough divorced her baseball star husband Matt, Catherine Ommanney of the DC series is getting a divorce, and viewers are now watching Atlanta housewife NeNe Leakes’ not-so-marital bliss.

 90210 housewife Adrienne Maloof, of the Maloof Family dynasty, said her husband actually approached her to do the show and she wasn’t worried about any curse. But said the Bravo series spotlight can make any relationship challenging.

“I think it’s a little more challenging because it gives the women their own identity,” she said, “… certain people who didn’t have their own identity possibly now have a stronger identity of their own and then the husbands begin to feel like ‘hey, I’m taking a back seat here,’ and it may cause conflict that was unexpected.”

Even more recently fans have seen The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney’s marital meltdown take place on and off the small screen, even with her estranged Simon accusing the show of exploiting the family.

Beverly Hills’ single mom and former child actress (and Paris Hilton’s aunt!) Kim Richards talked to her kids about participating in the show and the attention it could bring just to make sure everyone was on board.

“I grew up as a child actress so for me for my kids to be on camera was simply something I wasn’t really concerned about in as much as they wanted to participate,” said Kim, whose sister Kyle will also be co-starring with her. “So we sat down as a family to discuss it…they all jumped on board…they participated as much as they wanted to, they weren’t forced to, it was their choice and how much they wanted to along the way.”

Adrienne decided to keep her kids out of the public eye and away from the camera lens.

“I did not want my children too much in front of the camera,” she said. “You may see them once or twice. They’re very young and I just didn’t feel that for me personally that they were ready for that and obviously could not make that decision. So I made the decision to have them in very little.”

Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres Thursday, October 14 on Bravo.

 Yeah, we’ll see if these sorry ho’s will be singing the same bullshit tune when the Bravo curse is happening to one of them and their dynasty family names are getting clowned on and dragged through the shit river. Hope it’s worth it, for their 15 seconds of fame!


Below  is a video of  Kyle Richards and Taylor Armstrong,  talking about how their show is gonna be better and blah, blah, blah. The blonde ho’ Taylor Armstrong really , really looks like they stuck 2 shoe strechers in her mouth.Don’t look at her too long, she may give ya’ all nightmares or turn you into a stone statue with her rubberband lips and clown face.

Not to sound stuck up or anything . But  I can’t believe some of these scary bitches are only a couple years older than me and look 20 years more tore up and like they been through world war 3rd twice. I look like I’m 13 next to their scary asses! 

And here they’re supposed to be living the good, pampered, rich bitch,   spoiled- cunt  life  and I been working since I was sixteen. Go figure . But I guess money can’t buy you beauty. That’s sad. Oh, well I guess I should thank them for making me feel better about my looks. Thanks bitches!

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Eyewitness Comments From Alexis Bellino's Children Pool Mishap!


Alexis posted this picture of her and her daughter at the Balboa Bay Club pool in Newport Beach on July 4th on her Facebook.

That’s the exclusive Balboa Bay Club pool in Newport Beach?

Cause that shit looks crowded and the grounds look rundown and  unimpressive. Looks more like the public pool at the trailer park on the first of the month when everyone gets their government check. Maybe is just the picture and Alexis being in it makes it look cheap and like she took a picture at the public swimming pool at the ghetto in Anaheim somewhere . Yeap, that’s what it is! It’s her in the picture that makes it look rundown, cheap and ghetto. Must be the 2 dollar whore in her. But at least there supposedly were a lot of eyewitnesses, witnessing their shenanigans.

These are some interesting comments I found while surfing around the net in different websites. Check out the comments on Jimbo Bellino and how he supposedly drunken flipped out at the country club the day of the pool mishap and was yelling at the lifeguards . According to some of these comments Jimbo went on an hour cursing hissy fit and after yelling at the lifeguards telling them he would get them fired he was escorted out of the country club. What an asshole! He cant say ‘thank you’ to the people that helped him gets his children out of the water.

Other interesting  comments I found were apparently written by the ex-nannies . A while back someone posted a comment on my site here that sounded like it was an ex-Nannie but I can’t find the frikking comment. If any ex-employees or ex-nannies have some dirt in these two scumbags feel free to  leave them here or email me at

Check out the one were, someone says these 2 fucktards were out shopping the swap meet for their kids beds and dumb bitch was trying to cut in line pulling the ‘I’m a  fucking star’ and ‘Don’t you know who I am’ card . However the sales person  put Miss Holier Than Thou Tits on her place when she was told :Who the fuck are you? and go wait in line like everyone else. I thought these assholes were rich folk  and would be shopping at some fancy furniture store not the swap meet. Maybe their turd ass is going broke now that they don’t carrie nannies and have to shop at the swap meet.

Now, I don’t know how many of these comments may or may not be true but , they seemed pretty interesting. And when you have multiple people placing similar comments on all the sites then there must be some true to them.There is also some older comments in there too, about Jimbo being a crook. Read the one where someone is mentioning that Lauri Peterson is coming back . I also heard a rumor from an inside of an inside scoop that they may try to get rid of Alexis and replacing her with Lauri . But who knows if that’s true or not so don’t hold me to it.

Check these out:

From actual witnesses who were there:

“Alexis and her husband were talking with friends by the pool and it kinda of seemed like Alexis had forgot about her children, they walked off to take shots of tequila and just left the stroller there.”

“she has been around” doesn’t come close to truth.. she played the back nine MANY times with Newport “clients”…. went a few rounds myself; less than round at Pelican though

That restaurant they used to own on PCH was a total dive. It was like trying to eat dinner in a bar. The only way he could get anybody to go there were all his “two for one coupons”. These two are beyond trash. To the person who said that they thought the babies were never in danger of drowning…what part of kids strapped into stroller, stroller rolls into pool, parents either drunk/high/both don’t you get? I would expect this of Octo Mom but I guess she is too “low life” to be gettig wasted at The Balboa Bay Club on the 4th.

we seen her at the Balboa bay club a few weeks ago and she seriously looked like a hoochie, little short boobs galore… and she is SUPER SKINNY in person

Had a lovely run in with these two Saturday morning at the OC Swap Meet… Trying to purchase beds for their girls from Kids Alley – 6+ people waiting before them and they tried to cut in with her using the “don’t you know who I am” card. Thank god for Kathy as she said of course I know who you are but there are others ahead of you and you’ll have to wait – “but im an OCHousewife, what about the publicity?”. Again Kathy was true to her customers and preferred none above the other –
The self affected way they acted and the superiority they tried to throw at others was gross and for all they “have” on the outside, it is very apparent that they have nothing within.
I’ve never even watched the show and am thankful to still have those brain cells intact

That happens because no nannies will last them like us, working three years with them, be them bad people, envious, hypocritical, lying,believe is right that they alone are the only ones, believe God …mistreated us, insulted and cheated and never paid us enough money …the poor children who will be suffering now, we’re not to defend ourselves

I’ve heard that they’re having money problems. Alexis probably fired the nannies so that hubby can pay for the nose job she desperately needs.

As someone who has had the displeasure of working with them both, they are phony and gross, and owe me and several other people a lot of money. He is a self-absorbed classless pig who is proud of his transvestite trophy wife. She is only with him for his money, which isn’t nearly as much as they’d like everyone to believe. They never watch their own kids, so I’m sure this unfortunate accident is because they forgot they had kids. She will leave him some day for someone else.

was there neither one of them were watching the kids in the stroller. Instead of being grateaful to the lifeguard he began yelling I’ll have you fired. Her fault are you nuts, ther your kids

I was two feet away and saw the whole ridiculous incident along with countless otherpeople! They both turned their back, walked away from the stroller and it plunged in the water. Another gentleman from NZ that was at the scene pulled one child out while the husband struggled with the other. The lifegaurd and the other guy pulled the stroller out of the water.Then Jim proceeded to scream at everyone there for letting the stroller go in, blaming everyone but himself. Screaming at the lifegaurd who was present and making a scene that lasted at least an hour. Shameful and discusting.

Horrible people.

It only gets worse. Alexis and her husband blamed the lifeguard for the accident. Jim was in a cursing tizzy. Alexis was looking upset about her wet cover-up. Ironically, neither parent was holding or comforting the children minutes after it happened. Even their family members were in a state of disbelief on both the poor parenting and the inability to accept accountability.

i was there and saw it happen. the husband was at the pool bar and didnt put thebrake on the stroller. he did NOT dive in. the life guard was trying to pull the stroller up and the people in the pool were pushing it out. then he came running up cusing EVERYONE out and was escorted off property of the private club. A*SHOLE!

Check out her story is total bs. Jim did not dive in and pull both girls out. I know the man who pulled one of the girls out and he handed the child to her, she should’ve remembered that! The lifegaurd was present as well, both girls were wailing and terrified.

Everything they both have said has been inconsistent. I, along with several people saw what happened, these two had their backs turned on their children. Thank God for everyone else around. How about some gratitude and thank you’s for the people that did help! And thanks for both girls being OK.

They is VERY accurate,I was not there personally(if I was I would b telling the “version”of the story)My mom and bro were BOTH there and witnessed her being at LEAST 10-20 ft. AWAY from the stroller,and JimSlob was not even around,he was by the bar…of course where else would u be when u have little girls to look after????According to what they had told me,AlexAss and Jimbo didn’t realize the stroller was gone until it was in the water.Only then did they go after the girls.The lifeguard did rescue one of the girls and Jim,the other one(like they claim).My bro saw it from a distance,but he knows what he saw,SHE WALKED AWY FROM HER BABIES!!!!!!!!(on a slope no less)They r ungrateful peices of lying shit!!!!!I havepleaded with my mom and bro to tell the TRUE story…they just don’t want to cause trouble,but they will if asked by official from the club.More and people will come forward and they will see whats what then.I don’t condem for having an “accident”,we r human.They should not lie about it though…..

A few years back I had to spend about 4 hours around this douche. I have never met anyone as empty and joyless (at least on the outside) as he is.. He was rude, arrogant, condescending, to the people around us and even to myself. His wife on the other hand was cool and hot as hell, but she has let herself fall victim to the typical OC trapppings, which is a shame because she has way more character and charisma than he does.. Sounds like both of them may be a bit too wrapped up in themselves to keep their kids safe which is a shame.. Just my .02, if they disagree, they can afford to hire an attorney

Alexis mother lived in my home town of Hannibal. Penny is a beautiful person with avery kind personality and well respected in our community, unlike her self absorb daughter. I don’t know who Alexis was hanging out with, but it sure wasn’t anyone I know, because we dress very stylish, wear make-up, and have a little botox now and then.

Well, it appears the original MORONS might be back on the show. Jim Bellino and GEORGE PETERSON are cut from the same cloth.

LAURI WARING PETERSON has a new Twitter page asking ppl what they would like to see if they were to make a come back on the OC Housewives. Stupid, stupid people who should have never parented children. Have the PETERSONS not seen what these shows have turned into? Did they forget the hatred they received after Lauri exploited her sons life on TV. Obviously, they are not concerned about EXPLOITING their minor children – AGAIN!! PETERSON must really be hurting for cash and just as desperate as LAURI to have their mugs back on the D-Listed screen. LOOSER WANNA BE’S!!!!

This guy Belino is a money cleaner to the max Margaritaville never really did any business and I remember the pool table place, it is in the worst possible location. This guy is a scumer all the way and I bet after the guys he turned on get out of Prison, he will get his.

Hope those poor kids are ok

I havelived in the OC since 1967 ….. I am a native …. I ‘ve partied with Jim on many occasions. He is a criminal just as the Feds found him. He gives OC it’s bad rap. He’s a big loser and he knows it. Hes nothing but a common criminal who was in the memorabilia business since day one….remember “Field of Dreams Jimbo” ? So sad you are now the laughing stock of the American public…right where you belong. You’re just another train wreck waiting to happen … can’t wait to watch brother …..I feel sorry for his bimbo wife….No Clue!!!!!

This guy “donated” a Babe Ruth ball to a charity auction and received a base price with the “excess” going to the charity. This happened AFTER he was convicted. The gentleman that purchased the ball for over $1000 had it authenticated, and it was deemed 100% FAKE. Sounds like a possible “parole violation”?

sources TMZ , OC Register, Realitytea, USMagazine, and Deathby1000papercuts.

I know I talk a lot of shit about this ho’. But I am glad that her children are okay. Seriously. I would not wish the loss of a child on anyone that is a parents worst nightmare. But her and Jimblob need to learn to be humble and grateful to the lifeguards that helped them. Hopefully somewhere in her tiny brain  one of her braincells lights up and she realizes that she has to pay attention to her children.  But the way her and Jimbo act like they don’t want to take responsibility for their actions  and be grateful their kids are fine I doubt it. And that is very sad.

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NeNe Leakes Takes Wedding Ring Off / The RHONJ Money Problems/Countless LuAnn de Lesseps Likes Public Restrooms and Kelly Behemoth Runs In Traffic Again!

nene leakes new nose 

Earlier Radaronline reported that NeNe Leakes had attended an event in Los Angeles without her wedding ring. NeNe is also sweating rabbit turds that her now soon to be ex-husband Greg may turn on her and disclose all kinds of scandalous, shit about her stripper past:

“NeNe has admitted that it’s over between her and Greg and she was not wearing her wedding ring recently. “She is worried that Greg might go public about some of her secrets because she has admitted that she has some ‘skeletons’ in her closet.

First her boytoy and new nose and now this.It seems that all these house ho’s end up divorced. It’s the curse of the housewives. reported that all the housewives of New Jersey have had some kind of bullshit problem with money and or lawsuits. Including Teresa and Joe being slumlords that gotten sued by tenants and vendors. Click here to read the full gossip on that.

I found this little interesting piece of gossip on the Countless LuAnn. It seems that just like Joker Face she may or may not enjoy sex in public restrooms:

At New York magazine’s summer kickoff party at the Kimberly Hotel’s Upstairs rooftop bar on Tuesday night, we spied the class-obsessed “Real Housewife” and boyfriend Jacques Azoulay coming out of a one-person bathroom … together.

Umm, we don’t think a chapter in de Lesseps’ book, “Class With the Countess,” covers tandem bathroom visits.

Or maybe they were just smoking a joint in there.

And finally here is a picture of Kelly Behemoth. It seems that she got away from her circus trainer again and ran in New York  traffic wrecking havoc. This time with an unidentified balding man wearing a wig:




And here is a picture of Kelly with her cellulite:



‘Have fun with that.’

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Gretchen Rossi Ordered To Pay Jay Photoglou over 20k



Earlier today Gretchen Rossi was ordered to pay Jay Photoglou $22,375 at  the Harbor Justice Center in Laguna Hills . When all these shenanigans started she only owed Jay 18k but since she kept beating around the bush, and ditched her court date last Thursday and  not paying the  money she owed this guy, the fees increased. Gretchen even went and released a statement yesterday saying that Jay wasn’t getting shit from her and that the money would go to the IRS because Jay owes them 30k, this way Jay Photoglou don’t get any money.

Here is the original article:

Gretchen Rossi, cast member of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” paid a check for $22,375 Friday at Harbor Justice Center in Laguna Hills.

The cashier’s check was made out to Jay Photoglou, the law offices of Orlando Castaño, and the California Franchise Tax Board. Photoglou, 40, claims he was Rossi’s secret ex-boyfriend when she was engaged to another man, now deceased.

Rossi, 32, paid the check to cover Photoglou’s attorney’s fees. She originally owed him $18,900, but that amount increased due to filing costs, interest and additional attorney’s fees.

A judge ordered Rossi to pay the fees because an earlier civil lawsuit against Photoglou, which included a temporary restraining order, was dismissed with prejudice.

“I’m very pleased. He’s very pleased,” Castaño said about his client, Photoglou. “We got just what we wanted. We got our judgment paid.”

When asked if he was happy with Friday’s payment, Photoglou said, “Absolutely.”

And here’s an interesting tidbit: E! Online is reporting that Rossi wanted to donate the money to a children’s charity instead of paying Photoglou, but the offer was declined.

Castano said he learned that Rossi’s attorney is on the board of directors of that charity, and so “it seemed very shady.”

Rossi and her lawyer, Gregory Brown, could not be reached for comment on Friday.

By no means is the drama over. Both Rossi and Photoglou still have competing civil lawsuits against each other. Rossi’s suit alleges assault, battery, defamation (slander and libel), stalking and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Photoglou’s suit alleges many of the same things: defamation, invasion of privacy/false light, intentional infliction of emotional distress and conversion (taking property from another).

We’ll keep you posted on future developments.

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Gretchen Rossi's Lukemia And Lymphoma Foundation A Bunch Of Bullshit?




Damn! Those bastards at the Dirty have really declared war on Gretchen Rossi haven’t they? (God Bless Them!) Now there is new gossip posted about how her foundation for Lukemia and Lymphoma is bullshit and remember how she was supposed to donate the proceeds from her joke of a song she dedicated to her dead sugar pappi to this bullshit foundation.

 It appears this so called foundation does not exist. Maybe the foundation should be called The Slimey And Wretchen Meth Foundation Build On The Grave Of A Dead Sugar Pappi . Seems like everything about this Ho’ is bullshit; doesn’t surprise me at all. That Bitch don’t know when to quit!

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Is Tamra Barney's New Man Eddie Judge A Lawyer? And Is Simon Barney And Jay Photoglou Buddies?

Just Recently Tamra took off to Panama for a romantic vacation with her new man 37 year old Eddie Judge from Ladera Ranch  she told Pedro and The Watcher that this guy’s firm funds a shelter for teenagers and their babies, from Pedro and The Watcher:

Yes, we went to Panama,” she said in an e-mail to this reporter. “His firm funds a shelter for teens and their babies. Went down with some of his employees for their annual visit.”

So is this new man a lawyer? I was laughing about that shit wondering because it’s kind of interesting that his name is Eddie Judge and he may be a lawyer. He looks Latino are you sure his last name is not Gonzales? Well maybe he changed his name to Judge so that he can be a succesful lawyer and afford Tamra’s expensive Botox monthly bill. 

 Tamra recently declared war on Simon calling him a deadbeat as stated on Radaronline.  

There is also a picture of her and Simon partying with Eddie where Tamra has her hand on Eddie in a very friendly way. Were they messing around since then? Who knows. But it always comes out in the wash. Maybe Simon was driving her up the wall and she was planning her escape with this new guy.  Can’t really blame that ho’ if Simon was that bad.

From the Dirty:

tamra simon eddie



Tamra send the Dirty an email stating that Eddie and Simon were never really friends:





Also Jay Photoglou and Simon Barney are friends and just recently Jay posted how him and Simon were partying in Vegas when that whole fiasco with Simon running into Tamra and her new squeeze got ugly:


tamra and eddie judgetamra and eddie jjay-photoglou-simon-barney




tamra and judge


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Reunion Of The Orange Bitches Parts 1 And 2

 I had a lot to say about these ridiculous Bitches this reunion was very long just like the last season which took like what, 6 years?

Part 1


Gretchen wore a tired ass dress she worn before . The first portion of the reunion mostly focused on Tamra and Simon’s turbulent relationship. They show clips of Tamra bickering with Simon’s and Vicki saying that Simon is a controlling asshole they kept showing all the drama between Simon and Tamra including the night he got into it with Vicki and of course the part where Tamra tells her momma that she is heading towards divorce. And of course the last fugly fight of them in the limo; where Tamra wanted to push Simon out while the vehicle was moving. Alexis may wanna pay attention to this. Take notes Duck lips this may be you in 5 years.

Andy asked Tamra about the limo ride and Tamra tells him there was so much more than that. Tamra says that all the hate fighting started when they were at home and she felt bad for the camera men, who had to witness all of this first hand and she could tell the camera men where feeling uncomfortable filming. The camera men were probably thinking Simon was gonna beat her ass and they were gonna have to jump in or call the cops.

 Tamra talks about how her breaking point was during New Years Eve when she went out with Simon and some friends. When suddenly Simon got mad at her about something stupid, that she don’t even remember what it was and his hostile anger came out. Some rumor was going around Facebook a while back that Simon smacked Tamra at this event and that a relative of hers had posted this on FB. Another blogger commented on this also but again this is just a rumor I am not confirming this.

If asshole Simon was abusing her to that level then good for her for leaving his psyco ass .That poor Bitch you can tell Simon was driving her nuts and watch Alexis face she has this look on her face while Tamra is talking like she can relate. It was her posture and mannerism when she is listening to Tamra I can’t explain it . It’s the vibe Alexis gives out like she can totally relate.

I am glad that Andy said the way Simon controls Tamra is a form of abuse; hopefully that stupid Alexis was listening because no woman deserves that type of treatment from a man, even Duck Lips. Pay attention Bitch!

Right away after that Andy puts the spot on Alexis and asks her about her marriage to Jimbo and it’s similarities to Tamra and Simons marriage.

Alexis stated that at first she thought their marriages where similar but then denies that Jimbo is controlling and says that him and her just banter on each other. Bitch please, that’s not banter. Bitch tries to pee on your leg and tell you its raining. Or you would of not let him tell you to lower your voice at the restaurant and you wanted to cry. But whatevs!

Tamra starts taking blame and says that she saw the change in Simon start 5 years ago. Gee I wonder if that’s when she let the Bravo cameras in her home. Tamra blames her marriage problems on the fact she got preggers with the last baby Sophia; and says that if she would of not gotten knocked up  she would of left Simon’s controlling ass a long time ago. Wow! I hope that little girl don’t watch this episode when she gets older. Tamra should of really at least kept that one to herself.

We also saw more display of Tamra having her famous fake ass Novela cries with no tears. Bitch really reminds me of the Bitches on the Spanish Telenovelas my Latin momma used to watch  . It was funny, you could tell those bitches were not crying at all and they were regularly really bad cheesey actresses, sometimes it looked as if those bitches wanted to start laughing when they were pretending they were crying and many of them had brown eyes and brown roots showing on their fake ass bleached hair.Tamra reminds me of those bitches so much! Watch sometimes when she cries and puts her hands on her face it looks as if she is laughing covering her face.

Maybe when they inject her eyes with embalming fluid that shit freezes her tear ducts so she cant cry tears anymore. And why is that Bitch wearing a circus tent?.She is never gonna find a rich douche bag like when Lauri found George if she is wearing shit like that.



They also showed a clip that was supposedly filmed after the end of the season where Tamra moved into her own mobile home and it so happens that while the cameras where there she was also served the divorce papers. What perfect scripting timing by Bravo!

After Tamra was served she jumped on the table and danced around saying ‘I’m a free Bitch!’

Andy brings up the accusation Gretchen threw at Tamra about her divorce being a publicity stunt and Tamra got pissed off and told that Bitch she was simply defending herself from Simon for accusing her of being a cheating ho’. Gretchen was high as a kite and had a weak comeback to Tamra saying some stupid shit about her being on 2 page spread on magazines and shit.

Gretchen then says to Tamra ‘For me I felt it was a publicity stunt because there was so much talking to the press’ You can see the moment when Gretchen realizes that taking Slimey’s advice of accusing Bitches of lame ass publicity stunt divorces just causes her to put her foot in her mouth.

More fake crying. Andy grills Tamra on the cheating accusations by Simon and Tamra says it’s because she was talking to an ex-boyfriend on the phone that contacted her after he saw her on the show. Andy then asks Gretchen if she thinks that Tamra got her Karma for last season accusing Gretchen for being a cheating ho’ when it’s possible Tamra was a cheating ho’ all along.

 Gretchen gives some lame answer saying ‘It’s not about Karma …Karma to me is wishing ill on someone… ,’ What happen? What’s Karma? Duh?!Pendeja! Even dumb ass Lynne knows the definition of Karma. Damn this Bitch not only looks tore up, used up and sucked up this season; but also lost ass loads of brain cells necessary to store useful information . Meth is a hell of a drug!

All the Bitches laughed at Gretchen. Damn she looked stupid.

Lynne tries to say that her face transplant was more of a business decision since she is a designer of 99 cent plastic cuffs she makes with a glue gun. Lynne also tried to fool everybody into believing that Frank is not a con artist who swindle money out of people and that she is a tought strict parent and then fucks it up by saying that Alexa called her a Bitch because she is one. She forgot to ad Dumb before Bitch.

While Lynne kept desperatedly trying to convince everybody of these drug induced delusions, Vicki kept laughing at her, because she knows Lynne is full of dog shit. Lynne was also grilled for not grounding Alexa and said you can’t hit your children anymore. Tamra and the other ho’s told her everyone still does that shit but your not supposed to tell anybody. DUH!

Alexis got confronted on her transformation from ‘buttaface’ to ‘bigger buttaface’. She admits she’s had plastic spare parts inserted in her face including her famous circus church porn size boobies and daily formaldehyde injections in her mug to help her look young, but it looks like that shit don’t work. Pobrecita!

 She forgot to mention that one time, when they did that operation to chop off her dick. Bitch also announced she is getting her bird honker fixed. She must of read all the blogs and the commenter’s making fun of her Gonzo nose. Andy also asked her what the deal is with her saying she is super Christian but is also absolutely vain and watch that Bitch stutter because she don’t even know how to answer that one.

Andy also brought up the fact that those Bitches don’t want to eat because they don’t want to shit. Gretchen don’t have that problem because she just needs a couple lines of meth to keep those pounds off.

 Stupid Alexis tries to say that 60% of how you look is what you eat and blah blah blah. Doesn’t matter what she eats or what pig shit she injects in her bubble lips in order to keep hot and keep Jimbo; since he will leave her anyways either by finding a younger hotter blonde and dumping her skanky ass or when the feds finally arrest his ass for his shady binezz and he gets a new wife in prison , when either of these eventualities take place this Bitch better hope she can still be a Monet and hop on the pole.

Lynne says she thinks she looks fat. She doesn’t look fat just pregnant, I think the baby is gonna be a California Pale Ale! HA HA HA!

Then Andy went on to fuck with Alexis and told her that her man is a chauvinistic pig they show all the nauseating clips of Jimbo bossing her around like a dumb Bitch including the very popular seven carats episode and the lower your voice you’re talking too loud you stupid bitch episode but the Bitch just glazed over it and tried to lie about it saying some stupid shit about how they just banter at each other.

They showed the clip where Vicki calls Jimbo a ‘smelly dork!’and tranny ass was shooting her the Evil Eye. Vicki then starts getting all nervous and says ‘I don’t remember saying that?’ , Then she says some bogus shit about how she would never call anyone that and that maybe she was referring to her own shoes!

Bitch was shaking and stuttering her words like a 5 yr old trying to lie! BITCH PLEASE! Don’t these ho’s remember they are talking to a camera and everybody is gonna see this shit later? . Besides that asshole is a smelly ass fucking dork. He smells like striper raunchy ass and Cuban cigars . No one is buying their church act.

Vicki should of just admited she was calling that fucktard a ‘smelly dork’, and left it at that. But maybe Vicki is afraid to offend that asshole with all the ilegal shady binezz he runs maybe she is afraid he may send hired thugs to her house. I wouldn’t put it past that ‘smelly dork’.I’m disappointed in Hurricane Vicki.

She should of use those Hurricane powers on that fucktard and not let him scare her. I know the Bitch can take him and she can also take tranny ass Alexis I know Alexis used to have a dick but Vicki can take her too. I have faith in the power of the Hurricane that Bitch is crazy.

Did ya’ all see how Gretchen was defending Jimbo and saying he is not controlling of Alexis? Bitch just trying to move in on him while he has money since she’s running out of hers.

They also brought up the Devil wanting to hump big scary teeties and Alexis was getting excited. Alexis thinks God talks to her and she also says God is okay with her going under the knife she also admits people in her church are praying and fasting for her stupid ass .Those church people shouldn’t waste their prayer and fasting on this stupid ho’ and her husband because she is already letting the Devil hump her Circus teetie’s his name is Jimbo. So it’s too late for her.

Bitch complains about how everybody is mean to her on the show and that’s why those church folk pray for her and Vicki and Tamra pretty much tell her to get off the show if she feels she is being beat up because it is an ‘elective project”. No shit no one put a gun to this ho’s head so if she don’t like the beatings she just shouldn’t be on the show. Dumb Bitch! But, then again she is fun to clown on because she is such an easy ridiculous target.


Part 2



After Andy calls Lynne a stoner. I like how Andy says ‘stoner!’. Lynne tries to lie and says she is not a stoner so Andy asks the other Bitches if they believe her. Did ya’ all see Lynne’s face nodding at Vicki and Tamra to say that they believe her stupid ass when we all can tell that ho’ is either baked, or popping pills plus drunk all the time.Lynne finally admitted she is a stoner.

Vicki tries to lie and say some shit like ‘I don’t know, you don’t seem like you would be a pot head or anything!’andTamra laughs her ass off chocking on her cheap bitch wine. I Knew it! They even show that episode where Duck lips had the chef come over to teach them how to make that dish that was rolled like a joint and Lynne’s comes out the tightest. Yeap the Bitch knows how to roll a mean joint!

  They also showed Vickis wedding to Donn and all the bullshit about taking the high road and all those bitches are fucked up.

Then the classless trash comment  that Vicki made on Alexis came up and Alexis was rambling her mouth bitching at Vicki for making that comment. Why does Alexi’s  lick-smack her lips like she was coked out when she was rambling her platypus mouth? Alexis lips are so inflated they smack against each other like 2 flabby butt cheeks farting when she tries to talk .

Tamra and Vicki try to explain to Alexis that when she walks in the room she has an air of confidence to her. I think those Bitches got it confused with arrogance. Confidence is one thing and arrogance is another and that tranny Alexis is an arrogant bitch that acts like her shit taste like vanilla.

Tamra says that Vicki wanted everything to be dreamy this season and it got fucked up because Vicki wasn’t herself this season. Tamra then points to Alexis and says that Vicki should of head butted Alexis a long time ago and none of this ugly shit would of happened. I agree. And I also miss the old Vicki. Bring Hurricane Vicki back.

 They also show all the clips with these broke ass bitches and their financial problems. We see Tamra and Simon getting ready for the trailer park because the house they built with credit cards got blown by the winds of the bad economy when Simon lost his job, we see Lynne and Frank getting evicted and becoming homeless because they’re con artist, we also see Gretchen and Slimey having a yard sale, but wait that Bitch ain’t suffering from no economy bullshit, she has a meth habit and she is running through the 2.5 millions that her sugar daddy left her so she had to have a yard sale.

 She probably sold Jeff’s ashes by accident when she had the yard sale ’cause she was getting rid of all of Jeff’s shit that day anyways. Alexis looks worried but not because she has christian compassion for the broke ho’s but because she knows that if Jimbo gets busted by the feds and goes to prison she is next at the OC soup kitchen. The only one without those problems is Hurricane Vicki. But then again when she made that pact with the Devil he promised her she was never going to be broke. EVER!

Vicki pissed off Andy when she kept saying she works and she has a 7am till 8pm at night job. Andy said to her ‘ I GET IT!’. AWWWRRGH! I gotta say I have a 9 till 5 job too and I rather have an alternative job. Seriously! Vicki loves working. She loves it! She is a fucking work masochist, Bitch is crazy.

I do agree with Vicki when she tells Tamra that when youre in a ‘financial situation’ you have to go get a job,Tamra just sits there feeling all offended and says ‘How do you know I’m in a financial situation?’Bitch please! Everyone and their momma knows you’re in a financial situation when they saw you’re ass digging in the trash for cans!. Vicki also admits she likes money! What a Bitch!. Well me too! Amen sista! Tamra tells Andy she’s stripping. Bitch please! You’re giving $5 dollar bad economy hand job specials, to winos who pay you with their can money, sometimes with cans!


Then some boring shit with Jeana telling the Bitches she is plotting her revenge and will kill them all in their sleep. She also told Tamra to go back to Simon. I guess Jeana has battered woman syndrome from being married to her ex and probably still lives with him, so she thinks Simon’s abuse is normal. It’s funny how Tamra mentions that she never said anything bad about Simon being a horrible person. Sure Tamra!

Tamra told Jeana her mom’s pissed because Jeana insinuated Tamra is ‘white trash’.Then Jeana says to Tamra ‘are you?’ while Tamra was going ‘yeah, yeah,’ Jeana laughs and says I knew it! But we all knew that! Tamra’s mom’s just mad because she knows it’s true!  See how Tamra unconciously admitted it? All the other ho’s laughed.

Gretchen laughs all loud at Tamra she sounded like a horse and her face looks like it’s 6 feet long! Damn that Bitch was high! Then Jeana and Vicki gang up on Tamra and laugh at her Tamra calls her a cow! ’cause she is! Then Andy kicked Jeana out because he had enough of her.

We also learned that Jimbo still thinks that a bikini and lingerie are 2 different things.

 Why is Jimbo wearing a suit that a fucktard that hangs around strip clubs recruiting prostitutes would wear? Seriously does this queeve really think he looks suave in this getup? Stupid Alexis tried to lie and say that Jimbo changed his first number 2 poopie diaper of course she says it right after Jimbo doesn’t want to own up to the fact that he is a controlling moron and hasn’t learned ANYTHING! from this show.

And Frank looks like he went to the beauty school to get his haircut and some newbie fucked up his hair.

Andy asks Donn why he didn’t come to Vicki’s defense when Simon was talking shit about her but he didnt give it a straight answer. I still think Donn seems like a nice guy but I think he should of stuck up for his wife when she needed him to, if ya’ all notice when all the men where arguing with Vicki and she felt attacked she looks at Donn and wispers ‘help’.She shoulnd’t even have to do that, he should attact on instinct.

Frank admits he ‘screwed up’ and that he is not perfect but he wants to stay married to Lynne because he is a germaphobe. Thats a good thing! Frank also tells Andy that he is not a grifter! He also says that’s bullshit because if he had something to hide he would not be on national TV. Nah! I think he wouldn’t be on national TV the reason he is it’s only because of his wife Lynne who suffers from Attention Whore Personality Disorder and she needed to be on TV so desperately and put their business out there; which is probably why Alexa doesn’t even go to public school because she was embarrassed to show her face there. Yep, they’re grifters!


The best part of this whole shit fest was when  Andy caught that shit head Slimey lying. Slimeballs was so high, his eyes were jumping out of his head his puplis where dialated and he was shaky. Yeap he’s methed out. He is so shady. When his parents named him where they thinking …lets name this kid the biggest douche bag name we can think of. SERIOUSLY! Did they want Slimey to become so,… Slimey? Andy asks Slimey from one of his selected emails from viewers if he is an opportunist and a media whore? Slimey is not even a good liar and tells Andy he had no desire to be on the show. Watch Tamra crack up. She peed herself laughing.

Then Gretchen says that Slimey didn’t want to be on the show but that the Bravo powers that be told her that Slimey had to be on the show because it is about what is going on in Gretchen’s  life. So wait a minute? Last year when Jay was banging her and all the other Sancho’s on the side that were banging her ; while she was playing the role of  the caring Mother Teresa /Hot fiancee caregiver to Jeff why didn’t they show that? They should of shown when she was having the door man install that revolving door she had so all of her Sancho’s could come in an out of Jeff’s house and they should of also filmed  her steamy affair with Jay. I thought it was about what’s really going on in her life and at that time that was the shit fest that was going on.

 Then stupid ass Slimey totally puts the foot in his big mouth when he mentions how his relationship with Gretchen started right after the end of season 2 which was right after Jeff died. Yeap. Andy busted him. Then stupid Slimey goes back and tries to change it, aww noo it was 7 months later, yeah after he just totally got busted you can see Slimey starting to sweat and he has this look on his face like oh shit, I just got busted!. If he wants to lie he needs to keep his fucking lies straight.

I guess him and Gretchen remember to rehearse the lie about him not wanting to be on the show but they forgot to rehearse the lie about how him and her started humping. I loved it how Andy then hit him with a baseball bat on the face and says‘there was not 7 months between the time of the reuning show and shooting this season’ And that stupid bimbo Gretchen makes this dumb ‘huh?’ look on her face yeah Bitch play dumb you and your boy toy just got busted! Good job Andy! Fucking Tamra and Vicki where cracking up laughing. Tamra was happy.

Stupid Slimey tries to rebutte with a lame comeback about how it was his decision to not be in the Housewives when Jo quit the show, Andy says something about how there was no place for Slimeball on the show since Jo was no longer a housewife, then Andy pretty much said what did you think you were a housewife and you could stay on the show after Jo was no longer a housewife. Fucktard what a lame comeback.

Then Andy moved on. You could tell he knew he wan that one. Slimey pissed him off. I am glad he put him in his place. But then there was more. You could tell Gretchen felt embarrased and stupid because she knew her and her VD infested boyfriend got busted for being liars and she was pissed about it too. I bet her and Slimey got into a big fight with each other after this reunion aired because of this shit .

Andy kept fucking with Slimeball he then pulls out another viewer email where Slimey is asked why he trying to manage Gretchen even thought he managed Jo’s no talent music career to the ground and now the bitch has to work as a bar-wench/prostitute at a bar Andy asks Slimey if he is gona do the same shit to Gretchen. We also found out that since it wasn’t enough that Gretchen is now dating Jo’s sloppy seconds she also had to go and buy Jo’s music, I bet Jo dind’t even know about this shit until this episode aired and now she is plotting to murder Gretchen.

 Of course his Slimey ass will continue to deny it and fail at convincing Andy and the many viewers watching who can see through his bullshit,specially the bullshit part where he denies having butt sex with scary ass wax mummy Laurie who looks like she was dugged out of a coffin. Stupid Slimey I bet he was benge drinking when he was doing her.

When Andy loses his patience with Slimey and straight up asks him if he banged Laurie ‘you never had sex?’ And the mother fucker was like ‘wha? what’s that?’ BUSTED! AGAIN! However, I believe Slimey. I believe he never dated Laurieofficially’ just like he said they never went out to dinner or dated she was just a bootie call since he can’t call porking her at the public restroom at the bowling alley dating ; or going to dinner is having her give him a blowjob in the back alley of the porn store.

So he was trying to be honest, I guess. We also learned Laurie is a weirdoe. But wait we knew that she beats Jill Zarin on being crazy and holding on to text messages she got from Slimey from a couple years ago. She still infatuated with him. Vicki said that Slimey was threatening Laurie when Laurie started dating George and Gretchen just laughs all loud like a hyena her big ass front buck teeth stick out makes me want to give her horse face a carrot or a sugar cube.

Stupid ass Jimbo sticks up for Slimey and we found out the Pope in the Vatican asked Vicki wtf is up with that douche bag Slade Slimey? He’s gross!. See even the Pope can’t stand that punk.

Tamra also says he’s a douche and he’s gross and Andy asks Slimeball if he would date Tamra now that she is single. Gross! Even horse face’s mother said she don’t like Slimeball for her daughter because he is a creep. Then Gretchen and Slimey hint that they getting married perhaps in the future.

Then of course we had to see the blow out between Vicki and the men. Andy brought up the whole trip to Florida ordeal. Andy asks Jimbo why the fuck he don’t let Alexis travel on her own. And Jimballs says some stupid shit about how they’ve seen it on this show how when the women travel there is a temptation and the women behave inapropiately .

 So wait a minute if he thinks his wife is a monkey and can’t behave while he is not there to supervise her and the show ads to the temptation then WHY THE FUCK IS SHE DOING THIS SHOW THEN? Dumb Ass!

Tamra then tells us of the many temptations that are everywhere and how her smooth ass would act on her temptations while she supposedly went to the supermarket. Or at least that’s what she told Simon.

Slimey wants to pork Vicki next because he calls her Ficki . Vicki tells Slimey he is just as bad as a gossipi woman because he likes to pick fights with women while all the other men do not. Vicki also tells his ass to go on the ‘House Husbands Show’ and Slimey says he would but he was not invited.

Vicki pointed out how Slimey whores Gretchen out to the press because he always calls the paps. Of course Gretchen and Slimey flat out deny it. Vicki then says, Bitch please! Reality TV tools are not people the paps are going to follow around you called them.

Vicki then gets into it with Slimey and then of course Jimbo jumps in and starts to beat on Vicki because he says that Vicki talks about him and Duck Lips then Duck Lips jumps in and starts rambling on about how Vicki said mean things about them and since Duck Lips and Jimblob kept on pouncing on Vicki she decided to get up because she didnt want to do it anymore .

Of course she had to remind Donn to help her because Donn doesn’t even jump in throwing punches when he sees other people beating on Vicki’s ass. What the fuck’s wrong with him?

Since that Bitch Alexis is so perfect she points at Vicki from her high horse and tells her to ‘Be accountable and learn a lesson!’. Alexis doesn’t need to learn any lessons even if airing her life on this TV show backfires on her linebacker tranny ass. Oh wait it’s already starting to backfire; but there is no lesson there to be learned because Miss Church Whore is perfect.

Donn did finally jump in and finally told that tranny ass duck lipped ho’ her fucking story was long and boring. And Alexis said she felt that Vicki deserved to cry. Then Tamra decided she wanted to jump in for Vicki (since Simon is not there no more telling her to hate on Vicki) and so she goes to sleep a la Vicki and Donn style.

The Vickster did hint that she may be leaving the show because she says that the last 2 seasons have been hell for her and that these Bitches all ganged up on her this season and she would never EVER gang up on any one like they did to her this time at that moment look at Tamra’s face she has the WTF? look and so does Gretchen, because we all know how she would gang up on Gretchen and Lynne when they first came on specially at the race tracts . This season Vicki paid her Karmic debts and the collector of those debts was someone 1000 times even more repulsive and obnoxious than Vicki and her name is Alexis Bellino!

Here is some behind the scenes video of Vicki telling Andy he’s being mean to her.

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