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More Drama Between Tamra and Gretchen!

If you read Tamras blog on Bravo Tamra is making up excuses for not wanting to join the  new house wives Lynne and Gretchen as well as Jeana  at the race track. These are the comments that Tamra put up on her blog. So why was she keeping Simon away from Gretchen was it just jelaousy ? was she just not wanting Gretchen to be trying to mess around with Simon and flirting with him. But why would she make up the whole phone call thing? WHY!? And then if you notice in her blog she says something different than what she was saying during the show about not wanting to join Gretchen, Lynne and Jeana. Apparently there is another rumor  but this is just rumor that something did go on between Gretchen and Tamras son Ryan and this is the reason why Tamra was staying away from Gretchen and yet another  rumor that something went on between Gretchen and Simon.

Something smells fishy people! I have investigators investigating this situation. I will keep you updated.

Other news I ran into! 1/11/2009

While investigating on the situation with Tamra and Gretchen I ran into some interesting news that have nothing to do with the Tamra/Gretchen drama .  I got this info from inside sources but this information confirmed some doubts I’ve had. Remember boring ass Quinn? God that woman was booring! and churchy.. I found out that one of the main reasons why she was not invited to come back on the show was because she doesnt have that much money! Bravo will only have these bitches on if they have the money to flash or at least appear to. Remember the ATL housewives Sheree Whitfield? For example Sheree had to take out a loan to make it look like she was wealthier than she really was. The second big reason was well its obvious her story line was booring and she was trying to be a churchy-prude  that was horny all the time trying to hump mens legs and then nothing would happen!   So they pulled the plug on that bitch. Thank God!


Apparently there are other rumors that although Tamra flashes her 40k watch around and says her and Simon have all this money and this and that.Despite all of that I heard that collection agencies are tired of these people because they dont pay their bills on time.

That’s all I have for now!


Tamra Barney Update on Tamra!

Back around November of last year or sometime last year. Tamra put her ladera home up for sale. Beautiful home see pics above. .As of 01/08/09  the home is still on the market. Did Tamra list the home around the time that Simon “quit” his job?  Also her home went up for sale for 1.6 million and now it is up for sale still but at 1.4 million. Is Tamra feeling the burden of the economy? Well lets hope there is still going to be money coming in for botox and spa treatments. If the ladies keep the drama Bravo will keep them on their payroll I am sure!

I heard that husband Simon was let go of his job at Fletcher Jones for giving special favors to the classy Mercedes shopping ladies. Whatever that means! 

Gretchen Rosi

Was cheating on Jeff with a younger man. Had pics of the two of them on her myspace.

Gretchen Rossi 01/07/09

Cant wait till next weeks episode when Gretchen is all over Tamras son. I keep hearing from people who say they knew Jeff and say that his life was a total soap opera. Jeffs downfall aparently was women and he never learned from his mistakes with women. Apparently Jeff Beitzel was married a few times. Thats why he had all of those kids. There are some people saying that it was all Gretchens idea to be on the show and to take Jeff to California so she can pursue her faux acting career.  Apparently Gretchen had this boyfriend on the side that was a car sales man while she was supposedly taking care of Jeff. What I want to know was next weeks show recorded while Jeff was in the hospital? because if it was then when Gretchen was drinking and flirting with Tamras son and possibly something else?If Gretchen Rossi was downing shots of tequila and  dry humping that boy while her ol’ man was in the hospital dying then that is  low of Gretchen. Althought I do understand her trying to dry hump on a younger man.I guess well see what happens with Gretchen!


Her and Donn were separated before the beginning of this season and got back together before taping. Wow! that explains a lot!

Lynne Curtin

Everybody already doesnt like Lynne she came off as an asshole and even the producers wanted to slap her when she yelled Cut Cut Cut!

I heard that Laurie just cant stay away from the show and already wants back! I heard the reason why she left the show it was because of her hubby George.

Gretchen Rossi

Jeff Beitzel passed away on 09/23/08.

Jeff’s sister says that Gretchen was Jeffs “Malibu Barbie”armpiece and that she was his west coast arm piece that he kept away from the other women he was messing around with. However his sister is glad that Gretchen was there for him although the relationship was fake.


I heard the entire production crew hates her.

Lauri Waring Peterson

Lauri is making an appearance on RHOC tonight when she has lunch with Tamra!  Rumor has it that some of the many reasons that Lauri had to quit the show was because her hubby George Peterson dindt like all the attention they where getting around the OC. And all their bussines where out there. Back in July of 08. The ex-wife of George Peterson. Gina Peterson made a threat to George and Laurie, that she would shoot them. Gina denies the allegations.Right after that George and Laurie evicted Gina from the home that George and Gina built together and raised their children. George and Laurie only gave Gina a week to move out all of her things that were piled up from 20 years back. People in the OC are talking and hating Laurie and George because they see them as bullies towards Gina. George dindt like all the negative attention this was causing. This and the situation with Lauries son.(Although some people in the OC disagree that she wanted off the show because of her son) Laurie agreed that it was best to get off the show and she did.  But now there is rumors she wants back. Other rumors say that George and Laurie may already be having problems and this may be her only income!

You’re darn right I’ll watch what happens! 

until next time I actually have to go do some real house wife shit. Damn it!


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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recrap, Kandi's Gone Country And Phaedra Will Throw You In The Ground With A Bang!


Phaedra and her mom hang out at her kitchen and feed little baby Ayden. Phaedra tells her mother how she wishes Apollo would just get on board with the funeral home business so she can finally fulfill her fantasy of becoming the next Adams family Morticia and leave this legacy to little Ayden. Because that’s the only reason why Phaedra would want to leave her lucrative profession as a lawyer for strippers and porn stars and move to 0001 Cemetery Lane and start a funeral home. Apollo doesn’t want anything to do with this creepy funeral business. He may see people he knows there, since his current business involves scenes and situations from Too Fast Too Furious an’ all.

For some reason I thought Cynthia and her husband Bitter Peter were going to some counselors office while they wait at some place because the two of them are biting at each other (and not in a good way) but instead they are going to some dance lessons. Odd place to get into an awkward argument at. Cynthia is all pissed off at Peter for ditching her at that agency opening party she threw because Uncle Ben was too busy hanging out with some girl named Betty Crocker, from the pool party the night before. Bitter Peter tells Cynthia if she don’t like this marriage to get off the train at the next stop.

Cynthia and Bitter Peter keep bickering and airing out their dirty laundry. Suddenly some dance instructor lady comes out to teach them how to move their left feets without each other trying to lead or else they may try to continue killing each other.

Kim is bitching and complaining that baby Kroy pees on all her designer clothes (that Big Poppa more than likely bought as well as her tacky ass furniture) her daughter Kim Jr Brielle  is mouthy and doesn’t want to help her put away the Versace china (that Big Poppa bought her).

However, little Arianna is helpful and willing to make her momma happy because she knows who to suck up to so she can get Kim’s golddiging money when Kim dies that Kim earned while on her back or all fours. That little girl is smart. Brielle is acting out because she wants to test her mom and Kroy.

I feel sorry for Kroy because now he has to play dad to a spoiled kid that he hasn’t known for that long and the worst part is he jumped in this dad business right when Brielle got the teenage horns that come out of their skull when they turn 14, after the horns come out the head starts spinning and they start talking back so you need special holy water to handle that shit. Poor Kroy God be with him.

Kandi  and Lil Ronnie head to Tennessee to work on writing some country songs with her new country star friend Jo Dee Messina who moves almost all of Kandi’s songs words around to make it sound more country. But Kandi has a country voice when she sings. Kandi is all nervous that Jo Dee doesn’t like her songs, but it all ends up well when they compromise since that chick Jo Dee is pretty cool and laid back. Kandi rubs all of Jo Dee’s country music awards for good luck. Later on Lil Ronnie buys Kandi her first cowgirl hat and some boots. Kandi is now an official cowgirl.

NeNe hangs out with Marlo who is confronting NeNe about making the fugly double ass monster with Charles Grant. NeNe denies it and says she only had a drink with Charles (maybe they did bump fuglies but the two fools where so drunk they don’t remember what happened?)


NeNe says that Charles never ever saw her “Hello Kitty” and Marlo tells NeNe that the rumor of her and Charles better not come back true because Marlo is an ex-con who’s been arrested 7 times and did time for beating up a girl. NeNe’s eyes bulge out with fear and so instead of fighting with Marlo she decides to invite her to go shopping with her. Later on the two Amazonian hot messes go shopping together and they bond. I think NeNe is keeping this dangerous ex-con on her good side.

Sheree shows up at Kim’s rented mansion with yoga mats and healthy vegetable snacks. Kim whose idea of keeping her chunky ass slim is going to the doctors office to have the cottage cheese fat removed from her tights via vacuum suction system, is not happy with the idea of having to do planks on the floor on a mat because that takes effort (with an “A”) that her princess fat ass doesn’t want to have to put out because she has to conserve that energy to have Kroy plank her on the floor instead.

What Kim doesn’t understand and Sheree was trying to explain to her beast ass (the same way Phaedra tried to explain the law to Sheree previously) is that she is now married to an athlete with a tight ass who is around hot cheerleaders so homegirl needs to keep up.

Sheree also drools over Kroy while doing planks in an effort to encourage Kim to exercise. After like two planks because that’s all Kim can handle, Sheree tries to make that bitch some healthy veggie smoothies, but Kim bitches and moans that it tastes like crap even thought she ends up admitting it’s not that bad.

Kim also complains to Sheree about her difficult spoiled teenager Kim Jr whose head’s been spinning like the exorcist while she pukes green stuff on people and poor Kroy is in the middle of this mess trying to be dad. Oh well I am sure Brielle will come out of it and turn like Jacqueline’s Ashley so she’ll be fine! Kroy’s just gonna have to buy her a condo in California when she is 20 to get rid of her.

Later on that day Phaedra and her husband Apollo meet up with Willie Watkins to try and convince Apollo to be part of Phaedra’s fabulous funeral home that Phaedra will make the dead person the star of because she wants “to do funerals worth dying for,” and turn a funeral into fabulous “Events! Not just throw ’em in the ground. Let’s throw ’em in the ground with a bang!”. Apollo wanted to puke when he toured the embalming room (I kinda did too I have that same puke gross creeped out of dead people thing this guy has) Phaedra admits that she is into vampires. TOLD YA’ SHE IS GOTH!


Apollo thanks Willie Wonka I mean Watkins for the tour and after Willie and Phaedra share a few more creepy laughs together Apollo and Phaedra leave and Apollo says he will think about it. Meaning HELL TO THE NOOOO!!!

NeNe shows up at some chi-chi fund raiser Marlo invited her to, for some Captain Planet save the whales or something or the other thing. Anyway, NeNe meets another Viking Amazon like herself who is trying to peddle NeNe the earrings she designed inspired after the “Italian” (really NeNe?) Dalai Lama. Did y’all see “Miss Tall’s” mortified face when NeNe thought the “The spiritual leader of Tibet” was some Italian hippie dude or some shit?  And Marlo didn’t catch on to that! HA HA HA HA!!

After Elizabeth Dewberry realized the intellectual “chameleon” genius she was dealing with (that wasn’t going to buy any of the super expensive, high class, yard sale items available that day) she jumped out of the scene hoping to NOT be filmed anymore. If you’re gonna be a “Chameleon” learn some basic culture about the type of stuff these rich ass donation peddler fucktards are babbling about. Watch History Channel or something. PAY ATTENTION PLEAZZZEEE!!!!

Later on , Apollo shows up at Phaedra’s office with a bouquet of flowers and tells her he wants to discuss going into the funeral business with her. Phaedra finds a way to convince Apollo to be sucked into Phaedra’s necrophiliac vampire fantasies by appointing him the hottie that will be comforting young hot girls in mourning. Phaedra’s a freak! HA HA HA!! She will pimp her husband out she don’t give a shit, I like that bitch. With that offer Apollo decides quickly that he will be going into the funeral business with her after all. But, he is not touching no dead bodies! Somehow Phaedra found a way to make him part of her goth adventures. But failed to make him agree to touch the dead people. Looks like Phaedra has more work to do!

Next Cynthia and Uncle Ben go to real counseling (as foreshadowed earlier when they went to the dance lessons.) Bitter Peter appears to be trying to be a good husband and hear when he is wrong. Except when Cynthia yells at him to write shit down because he has old timer’s disease and can’t remember shit with his “dinosaur” brain. In the end Bitter Peter tells Cynthia he loves her and they kiss and make up. Until next fight.

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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hillbillies, Kim Richards Is Out Of Rehab Living The Homeless Plush Life And Brandi's Amazing Gutter Mouth Was The Peacock At The Reunion


According to US Magazine, Kim Richards first entered rehab and then, left rehab early because she was being “defiant” as well as difficult while she was in it , but ended up going back. I wonder if she was jumping on tables while people in white jackets where chasing her with nets and she was yelling NO NOOO NOOO!!! Brandi has pointed out that she believes Kim is a crackhead who is “wasted out of her fucking mind” and other sources revealed that, “Kim’s alcohol addiction along with other substance abuse problems has been obvious for quite some time,”

Kim was also supposed to be homeless after rehab and living with Kyle afterwards. However, Kyle denies those reports. She told RumorFix “She won’t be living with me,” and added  “We’re a little too old for that.” Kim also pulled a Jacqueline Laurita move when she skipped the reunion. But, Bravo doesn’t seem to be  pissed off that this ho’ skipped the reunion since she was more than likely too high to go and perhaps Bravo was footing the bill for Kim so that she don’t OD and accidentally pulls a Russell.

Kim was supposed to be staying in a hotel in The Beverly Hillbillies according to Radaronline. “Kim is out of rehab and staying in a hotel in Beverly Hills,” Not bad for a homeless broad. According to the gossip mill, “Kim is doing well.” For now.


Also the same article on Radaronline mentions that at the reunion “Brandi was out of control,” and pissing on the other bitches with a golden shower of choice curses and swears. Nice!

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Real Housewives Of New Jersey, Jacqueline Laurita Will Come Back For A Third Season Of RHONJ Miss Andy Said So!

jacqueline laurita image

Jacqueline Laurita who supposedly tried to “forgive” Teresa Giudice during one of her Christmas spasm during the holidays (and probably forgot about that shit already since Christmas is over) will be returning for another season of this train-wreckage despite recent juicy rumors that she was fired by Bravo for violating her contract by ditching the reunion. Perhaps Miss Bravo had a change of heart because he stated on Monday everyone will be returning:

“Andy Cohen appeared on the Wendy Williams Show on Monday morning and confirmed that ALL cast members are returning – that includes the Manzo family, Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline (sic),”

Jacqueline also confirmed via Twitter, that she will be returning :

“FACT! No, I have not quit the show and no, I have not been fired. Season 5 is a mystery. Guess you will just have to … Watch What Happens! XO!”

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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hillbillies Recrap, Xanax Popping Ho's Wearing Floss And The Best Of Drunken Chicken Dancing


After Chankla Face and Russell get thrown out of the white sheeet mariachi party, the other bitches gather in the living room to talk shit about how ghetto Chankla and Russell are for suing innocent drunk, bystander rich bitches, who are only repeating every word Chankla babbled out during one of her motormouth moments.

Everyone agrees that Chankla Face and Russell have cheesed everyone off. Russell, for suing every bitch in the room and Chankla Face for involving everyone in her TrailerPark style fights with Russell. You know,the ones where the woman gets her ass beat and then tells everyone about it and when the people call the police she yells at them and cries so her man doesn’t get arrested?

But at this point it seems that Chankla Face Trailer Parky is just having passionate fantasies about getting bitch slapped around; because NO ONE can verify the beatings since Chankla doesn’t seem to have any bruises (except for maybe her big fat lips, but that maybe because of the weekly  piss injections she gets in her tire lips.) Even Chankla’s best friend is sitting there in the circle of gossipy bitches, and he too is doubtful of the Chankla delusional stories. Adrienne and Paul think that bitch can go piss on a ditch for all they care.

Back at the dance floor of this pachanga, Kim is nice and lit up (like usual) and starts throwing these Chicken on crack dance moves. HA HA HA HA!!! DOES THIS BITCH KNOW SHE LOOKS LIKE A CHICKEN WHEN SHE’S ALL HIGH DANCING ??? IS THAT WHY HER VERSION OF DANCING LOOKS LIKE SHE IS HAVING A SEIZURE WHILE SHE TRIES TO FLY AWAY???!!! HA HA HA HA!!!


After Kim’s boyfriend Quasimodo is done taking a scary dump and breaking Kyle’s upstairs bathroom and leaves it so tore up the bitch is going to have to remodel that shit again, he goes off to find Kim on the dance floor (with his finger in his mouth)  and of course Kim is all high and drunk out of her Chicken Brain  and leg humping some random fool. So, Quasimodo gets all jelaous grabs that ho and makes her dance with his fugly ass. The two scary looking fucktards start making out and “clear the dance floor” but not because they are a sexy couple that everyone wants to see humping, but because they are a scary couple no one wants to see kiss or touch. Because it’s gross and people don’t want to be near some disgusting abomination like that!

Next, Kim is all happy that the bitch getting the boot for being a drunk asshole is not her, but instead it’s Chankla Face.


In the limo Chankla is pretty livid for getting the boot from the party. Her and Russell are wondering what the fuck just happened. Then, Russell starts denying the so called accusations that Camille heard from Chankla’s fish lips and repeated about his hobby of  pimp slapping Chankla like a cheap slut. Russell says those where untrue exaggerations, but Chankla just sits there with an uppity, defensive, awkward attitude flapping her rubber-band lips going, “uhum!” Worried that Russell is going to catch her in her lies. Then, she says with her voice over that these were exaggerations, but not lies. Make of that what you will.  Russell insist that instead of going back to Sin City they go back to the house they’re squatting at the time.

Back at the party the sowing circle of gossipy bitches are still squawking about the Chankla situation. Adrienne says that there is her side his side and in the middle there’s the truth. Ain’t that the truth in this situation.

Kyle is pissed that she can’t even enjoy her party by stuffing her face with Fat Burger while doing the splits. I’m wondering whose fucking genius idea was to serve greasy Fat Burgers when people are wearing white designer gowns and such.

After all this shit happened the bitches get ready and pack their 35 bags a piece to go to Hawaii. Lisa apparently has never been since the bitch thinks she can wear some old casino-whore, poodle gown she had stored in a box since 1971 and so she puts it on. You just can’t wear that type of shit in Hawaii they throw you out and make you swim back to the mainland. I know I checked.

Ken says he ran into Cedric who got a job as House Blow Job Bitch for some interior decorator.

Lisa is all pissed off that her new bestie Chankla Face isn’t going to Hawaii to ruin their vacation, but Brandi will be handling the ruining part instead along with Chicken Head Kim and her Quasimodo drug dealer. So don’t worry Lisa the vacay will be ruined somehow, Bravo will make sure of that. Also Giggi can’t go to Hawaii because the airlines don’t take purse dogs.

All the skank hags show up at the airport in their uncomfortable high heels  to board a plane to Hawaii. They looked like they were attending a tranny convention for retired casino stiletto hookers .  How kook of them!

brandi camille hawaii

While all the skanks hang out at some waiting room stuffing their faces and drinking champagne,  Kyle calls Kim to see where she is at because the plane is about to board in two seconds and bitch will not make it on time. Kim answers the phone all high and out of her skull and when Kyle asks her where she is at, Kim doesn’t even know how to answer that shit because she is all fucked up at some gutter somewhere in an alley in the armpit of North  Hollywood and has no idea where the fuck she is at or what day it is.

Kim hasn’t packed her clothes of course, doesn’t have any type of identification because she lied to Kyle about going to the DMV to renew her drivers licence a while back  and thinks she needs a passport to fly to Hawaii because the dumb asshole doesn’t realize Hawaii is in the United States. But, that’s what happens when you’re getting the premium blow from the dealer you’re blowing. Plus I am sure if Kim even realizes that she will be going to Hawaii she would be more worried about figuring out how to shove those balloons up her bony chicken ass to contraband them into the plane so she can get high later. Why doesn’t she just find some surfers at the beach and asks them where to score some weed? Oh, yeah it won’t count unless it was made in a dirty bathtub with Formaldehyde and it goes up your nose or in your veins via dirty needle.

Brandi is nice and high on Xanax and has been downing that shit with booze on the plane on the way there. Brandi seems like she is a lot of fun specially when she is pill popping and boozing, but all the other bitches don’t think that except for Camille who is Brandi’s new tittie bestie .

All the bitches arrive in Hawaii and head to Lanai, so they all pile up on some old-timey airplane left over from the Nazi wars of 1930. The pilot had to go outside and manually turn the propeller (that was being held with duct tape) and then jump start the plane while two guys pushed it from behind. This low budget plane was not acceptable for the sophisticated foo-foo la-la crew that was boarding it and so they all make a torrent of smart ass remarks about how ghetto this plane is. Mauricio is the one responsible for renting this banged up bucket and with his low paying freeway Orange salesman job salary, this is all this fool could afford. POBRECITO!! But, of course Kyle is embarrassed as fuck that he rented this accident waiting to happen relic that was supposed to be a private Jet not a private wreck.

I think the plane was fine it was the wrecks that got on it that were hazardous. I should get me one of thems Orange salesman job’s Mauricio has so I too can afford fancy ass planes such as this one!

When all the skank hags land on the island of Lanai, they all have to cram together and smell each others farts again. This time they shove them in some little clown bus and Brandi is nice and high and starting shit with the elderly Lisa and grandpapi Ken about how they’re too old to fuck or some shit. Lisa is getting all hissy-pissy.

Later on that night Brandi just keeps getting more fun and interesting so she decides to hang all over old man Ken like a cheap coat on a used rack. Except she was hanging her cheap rack on his used cock. Lisa notices that and she don’t like that shit. So, she threatens to cut that bitch if she doesn’t take her hands off her man and of course Brandi just keeps hanging on old grandpapi on purpose while flying on Xanax and monkey piss bong water or whatever the fuck that bitch was sucking on.

The next morning Brandi and Camille get some skimpy dental floss bikinis (but specially Brandi) while they both lay out in the sun wishing for some hot cabana boy to come by and spray them with tan lotion, but instead they get a chunky pool boy who sprays them with Hawaii sewer rat water. I wonder if the night Brandi and Camille scissored it up in Vegas  they were worried about their thin blade legs cutting them both in half?

While the two skanks laid there like two pieces of beef jerky drying up in the sun, Lisa and Ken show up so that Ken can ogle at Brandi. Lisa was all pissed off because Ken acts like such an embarrassing horny old toad all drooling on Brandi and asking her if her leg is okay or if she needs to have him arrange somebody to carry her on their back to the beach.

All this time Lisa was fuming because even though ooooooold fart Ken is old enough to be Lisa’s grandpapi Lisa is old news to him now and 38 year old brand new Brandi is old enough to be his great granddaughter and so he gets off on flirting with her. EEEWWWWW!!!!

Back in Cali Chankla Face is talking with her marriage counselor, about what an asshole her husband is and how because of him she is getting kicked out of every important white sheeet party in the Beverly Hillbillie’s and she will not stand for another boot to the ass at a party no more because she is tired of doing maintenance for this sob. The whole time Chankla Face and the counselor were talking they turned it into the let’s bash and blame Russell for everything hour.

Chankla calls the bitches on the phone to advice her marriage to Russell is ending because the bitch can’t handle first getting kicked out of the white sheeet party and next being banned from the Hawaii vacay, what’s next she may get kicked out of loitering at the Beverly Hillbillie’s public streets and fine establishments (where she doesn’t even live, but wishes she did) and then what?



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Brandi Glanville Crazy Vegas Wedding Pictures, Plus Her Alleged Lesbian Affair With Demi Moore


Brandi Glanville and her Faux-Husband had a blast during their Vegas Gone Wild Wedding, fondling strippers in a fun clusterfuck of drinking and puking on each other at the end of the night, in time for their Faux-Honeymoon. Check out the pictures at the bottom, bottom.

And speaking of Brandi enjoying scissoring bitches and what-not, this bitch also started a rumor a source told the National Enquirer, that she used to go down on Demi Moore’s gray cougar den. I bet that bitch pays good money for head and Brandi had bills to pay. That is IF the rumor is true and that’s a BIG IF, because it sounds like Brandi was the one who stood on top of a bench with a loud-speaker and was bragging about that shit  “Brandi was quite proud of what happened,” this little lesbian fuz-bump fest, went on in March 2009 at Bruce Willis estate in Turks & Caicos.

According to Brandi the source, Brandi and Demi had to stop their lesbian hump marathon because they got caught by Ashton Kutcher. “She was bragging as she recounted every sordid detail. Brandi said they stopped what they were doing because Ashton [Kutcher] interrupted them.”

Brandi and Demi’s supposed hook up first took place, at a wedding for Demi’s ex-husband Bruce Willis. Brandi supposedly even bragged to Bruce’s new wife Emma Heming and it was the first thing she told the so-called source, ‘After she got back home from the wedding, Brandi confessed to me, “I hooked up with Demi Moore.”’


Later on because it’s not true since is was just Brandi’s wild fantasies that started this rumor, Brandi herself denied the lesbian allegations on Twitter and says she is strictly dickly:










Brandi sure is more fun than a boat full of drunken monkeys.

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Happy Birthday Real Faux Housewives!

real housewives annyversary

So it was like 3 years since I started posting this mess whenever I am not being chained to a desk doing other shit, and since today it’s my b-day too I am celebrating my blog’s third year and my birthday as well. Also Happy Birthday to my reader Cristina it is her b-day tomorrow January 7th. Capricorn’s rule!

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Real Housewives Of New York, Ex-House Skank Jill Zarin Says No One Gives A Shit About Ramona Singer!

Ramona Singer’s ex-ho star and professional jealous hater Jill Zarin, is still butt bleeding hurt after she got the boot from Bravo and is showing her Jilliousy against Ramona because that bitch is still part of the circus Jill was once a part of. So, Jill is hoping that the show will tank because she says that nobody gives a monkey’s shit about Ramonzon “No one cares about Ramona Singer anymore,” and since fabulous starlet Jill Zarin is no longer part of the show it will tank without her star presence, “I’ve heard the new cast members are not happy with her. Ramona planted that ridiculous story about me borrowing clothes from Saks Fifth Avenue and returning them worn. But I’m having a huge party there in February, so Ramona is the one who looks like the idiot.”

Jilliousy is also pissed off because without her there to be the Judge in the nonsense Ho Wives trials, this whole bitch fest is going to fall apart according her fat mouth. “Now that I’m not there, who is going to hold court this season?” Jill also believes (because this is what the voices in her head that never shut up tell her) that she can make people comfortable because of her loving precence . “None of the new women knew each other before they were cast. I know if I were there, I could make people feel comfortable.”

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Tareq And Michaele Salahi's On Profitable Splitup From Hell




Even though these assholes are not parading their shenanigans on the Real Housewives Wreckage anymore, they still found a way to stay in the news and entertain us with the never ending Circus De Salami.

The Salahi/Salami drama is an ongoing gift that keeps on giving. Ever since Michaele left broke ass Tareq for guitarist Neal Schon all the dirty laundry and bullshit lies that we suspected these two fucktards of, has been coming out to be aired, with dirty chones to be auctioned online and everything!

Back when these two turds were together and they had their busted Bonnie and Clyde relationshit going on, they would both cover up for each other’s  schemes and bullshit stories. Tareq was happily standing by Skeletor’s side and backing her up with all her lies, including that heap of horse shit she tried to sell people about how her Crypt Keeper bony ass was a Redskins Cheerleader and failed to convince us when she crawled throught the air conditioning vent and snuck into  the Redskins Cheerleader reunion uninvited, and on top of that her scary bony ass didn’t even know any of the cheers and none of the women there seemed to know who the fuck this crazy bitch was either. This skank also tried to bullshit people into believing her rotted corpse was a Victoria Secret’s model aaand the best lie of them all, was the one that she claims she had MS.

So now that she left Tareq high and dry HE is finally admitting that all these claims this bitch was telling people where bullshit, but then again we all knew that. What is more hilarious is that Skeletor is also throwing her arrows and saying that Tareq was an abusive psycho ass that would threaten her with dungeon tortures for being home after her curfew.

Tareq has also been reported of profiting over 100k from this public messy escandaloso divorce and he even admitted it! According to Huffington Post an insider spilled out Tareq’s secret plan for his scheme to milk money out of this bitch, “Tareq emailed me days after Michaele left saying Neal was going to suffer huge from this financially and that we needed to figure out how to make millions off of [the split],” and adds that Tareq was a controling lunatic “Tareq was the controlling and the calculating one. Everyone close to Michaele is very happy she got away from him.”And he wouldn’t let Michaele handle her own life  “When they were together, Michaele was not allowed to handle any of her own business dealings,”  Since Michaele left his ass he lost his paycheck and is willing to whore out this divorce, “Tareq would do anything for money, and now that Michaele is gone, he lost his paycheck and is desperate. Tareq put his own divorce documents in the press just so he could comment for money.”

But Tareq insist these allegations are bullshit.

“I don’t know how anyone can profit from a divorce,” Tareq tells HuffPost. “Michaele destroyed us, and the truth is she is selling interviews which, in fact, will be proved once all the emails and texts are subpoenaed. I can’t wait for the jury trial and to close this painful chapter in my life.”


I honestly wonder if all these fucktards are in on this to bank on it! 



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Real Housewives Of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes Being Showered By Gifts From Her Own Big Poppa John Kolaj



NeNe Leakes and her new man are getting serious. Looks like she found an Italian Big Poppa who is willing to put up with her crazy. Jonh Kolaj has been showering NeNe with expensive gifts and what-not and of course NeNe has been happily taking those gifts and I don’t blame the bitch one bit.

John told Wet Paint that he even gave NeNe an expensive 8 carat ring, but didn’t specify if is an engagement ring!“Absolutely, I gave her that ring! It’s 8 carats. I gave her a set of diamond earrings, too.”

Not only that, but also John was talented enough to find NeNe designer chi-chi red-soled, Louboutins shoes that fit her size 18 tranny feet and he bought her a shit load of those! “I got her a few pairs,”

John believes NeNe is awesome which makes you wonder what voodo spell she put on his crazy ass,  “Nene Leakes is a smart, amazing woman who is a dear friend of mine, and I hope she’s in my life for a very, very long time.”

When Wet Paint asked him if him and the NeNe were an official item he said “no comment” meaning they’re bumping fuglies. He also says he is an Italian immigrant who came here in 1972 after his father died, John busted his ass from a very young age to get out of “the projects” and get where he is at.

He also says he started working when he was only 9 years old! Didn’t they have child labor laws back in those days? Aaand he says he made enough money to retire his momma by 11 and open his own store by 18. Huh?!!  “I got my first pizza job at 9 years old. I had made enough for my mother to retire by the time I was 11. At 18, I opened the first Famiglia Pizza store on Amsterdam Ave in NYC.” Soooo, I didn’t know you could retire on a minimum wage Pizza job, I guess it must pay the same as if you are selling bitches and drugs!

John brags that he now has stores all over the USA and international “Now, I have 142 stores all over the world, from Hong Kong to Hawaii.” He also credits “Jesus” for his success and insist he is not being paid to be seen with the Notorious NeNe Leakes, but is just on the show because he digs her. “I think I’m in three or four more episodes. I’m not getting paid, and I’m not interested in the fame. I just feel lucky and blessed to be spending time with NeNe.”

 Also see NeNe Leakes In Love.

John is obviously very sprung on NeNe, specially if he is buying her shoes. That’s the way to a ho’s heart!

Thanks to my readers for the links to this juicy piece of gossip.

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Fernanda Rocha Insist Her And Chankla Face Had A Lesbian Hookup


A few days before poor Russell offed himself Chankla Face was rumored to be involved in a lesbian fling with Orange County wannabe skank Fernanda Rocha. Later on those rumors were denied by Chankla, but just a few days ago Fernanda stated to In Touch Weekly that these rumors are in fact very true and she even states that Chankla broke her lesbian heart. Fernanda says that Chankla and her were all up scissoring and groping on each other in Fernanda’s SUV before the two famewhores headed to a party.

Once Chankla Face realized that a fling with Fernanda was not going to help her Faux image she gave that bitch the boot to the ass and denied their steamy fling. Fernanda told In Touch how Chankla instructed her to shut the fuck up“When people started asking, it was like, ‘Don’t say this, don’t say that…’ That is hurtful,” she added, “Be responsible for your actions and don’t dismiss the other human being that you are connecting with.”

Didn’t this bitch say the same shit about that skank Tamara Barney? Bitch needs to stop hitting on straight bitches that are just lipstick theatrical wannabe porn lesbians. “A lot of straight girls want to have an experience with another woman, but they don’t take into consideration that we’re human!”

Just because Fernanda looks like a hot porn lesbian that can turn a bitch gay for a blurry drunken minute, she still has to remember dick is dick and in these ho’s eyes you can’t replace that. A strap-on won’t do it. Sorry Fernanda!

Four days later Russell took a leap over that wall of no return and Fernanda kept her mouth shut to protect Chankla.


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